MTV Multiplayer: We Ask Denis Dyack If 'Too Human' Really Needs To Be A Trilogy

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Not everything that is awesome needs to be in a trilogy.

So should we ever be suspicious when a major video game is announced to be an epic three-parter? Do players of pre-determined trilogies get shortchanged on a full plot, a full offering of game levels, a real ending - a full game?

In the first of a two-parter, I ask these questions to Denis Dyack, president of Silicon Knights and chief architect of the upcoming "Too Human" trilogy.

Multiplayer: Your game is being announced as a trilogy, correct?

Denis Dyack, President, Silicon Knights: That's correct.

Multiplayer: I hear about a lot of games being announced as trilogies. They don't always become full trilogies. But "Halo" recently was a trilogy that concluded. [Dyack grins]… I don't know where you're going already…

Dyack: I do. [laughing]"

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dachiefsman4250d ago

i wish he would stop doing these interviews and finish the damn game!

mintaro4250d ago

only a few more months!