So Is Open World The New FPS?

E3 is now nearly a month in the past, and as the dust settles, we look forward to a quiet summer with a monstrously expensive autumn looming on the horizon. There are going to be a lot of games hitting players over the next year, but one thing I noticed at E3 was that there was one feature in particular that seems to be all the rage. Lots of games that weren’t are now going open world.

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ShugaCane2558d ago

I see what you mean, even though I think that's really not relevant. This generation has seen an incredible number of FPS, most of them being the same, with no real identity. Open-world is not a genre, it's more like a feature. Dead Rising and MGS and The Witcher are completely different games. It's for everyone's taste. It's as if you said "So is Next-Gen graphics the new FPS ?" People won't complain about that, because there is no reason to. Too many FPS is bad (in my opinion), many Open-world games in many different genres is great !

Transporter472558d ago

Yeah true, the only difference that i also believe you can't make Open World games as fast as FPS per say CoD, so this shouldn't be a problem for next gen : )

scott12spear2558d ago

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JLT-Sandwitch2558d ago

As soon as I saw the headline thats what I thought. Its like saying Skyrim and gta are the same genre. Open world adds more freedom to any game so I can't see a bad side to this

DaCajun2557d ago

The bad side usually is if devs don't make use of it to the full potential. For instance not making it worth exploring all the nooks and crannies to find new, unique, or hidden USEFUL objects or playing perks, not just hidden worthless idols and such just to have something there that has no bearing on your missions. Nothing worse than checking everything out and finding out that it's was time wasted when in the overall aspect of the game. More freedom is great but to do it just because everyone else is and not populate it sufficiently is just a waste of effort that could have been used elsewhere to make the games more engrossing.

I love the open world concept but I've been let down by a few with boringly beautiful scenery that added nothing to my virtual adventure and overall missions of the game. Just long boring treks of wasted time.

BABYLEG2558d ago

I think it is. But now we're going to get a lot of "so called" open world games

showtimefolks2558d ago

expect almost every game to have some sort of open world type feature

every gen needs some sort of slogan and this gen its open world mixed in with single player which is mixed in with an online community

like destiny and the new game from UBI

insertnamehurr2558d ago

Even killzone sf is an open world game which i like it.

NatureOfLogic2558d ago

Open world = More is better :)

FPS = More of the same :(

MidnytRain2557d ago

"Open world = More is better"

With some other things to consider of course...

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The story is too old to be commented.