New Paradise content - what do the new names mean?

Criterion Games writes:

"What we're working on now goes way beyond conventional content updates, so we figured the usual 1.1, 1.2 version numbers didn't do it justice.

We will TRANSFORM Paradise over the coming year.

...and we won't hold back on this blog. Our goal is to bring you EVERYTHING - as soon as we have it."

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barom3853d ago

Can they be believed? And aren't they owned by EA?

Jeebs3853d ago

I think they just mean that updates won't be referred to as numberes, but as nicknames. Kinda like how Microsoft nicknames the beta version of each Windows differently (ie. Long Horn). This way, they can refer to new DLC packages by nicknames and not have it dependent on when the next new update patch(in terms of game ver. number) comes.

Rattles3853d ago

I love burnout i realy do but, im now playing gt5p and then gta4 is around the corner and then its mgs4, i have the warhawk update but i havint even tryed it yet how am i ment to play burnout aswell.

Jinxstar3852d ago

Just something to come back to bud. I love the game too.

wolfehound223852d ago

should be good getting kind of bored with bunout I've played it to death. Should be nice to get some new material