Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Trailer: Darkness

The Legendary Map release date is getting closer (less than two weeks away) and this week we're releasing a trailer for the upcoming pack, "Darkness." The trailer is the first video sneak peak of the Legendary Maps: Avalanche, Blackout and Ghost Town. The trailer is also available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

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slak3876d ago

sh!t looks hot cant wait for new maps

Nolando3876d ago

say goodbye to my 10 bucks, IM SOLD!!! :P

this map pack looks truly awsome

trancefreak3876d ago

i still want to play this game cant wait to borrow my neighbors 360 just for this game :)

hahahabutt3876d ago

Buy your own 360 so you can play with us all the time. (Us meaning xbox 360 owners)

Nolando3875d ago

were all in this together!!! lol, halo 3 is an awsome MP experience, plus if u dont like that, theres COD4, rainbow six, gears. jump in!!!

George Washington3875d ago

hey i still cant figure out what that first map is a remake of... ohh is it that halo 2 map with the sword spawn in the middle inside the broken tower? and 2 torrents on the corners of the map.

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