Game developers: Nintendo's Wii U is a 'disappointment'

Electronic Arts' Peter Moore hints that his company may not bring other games to the Nintendo console.

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zeal0us2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

True for some things but sadly we can't keep ignoring the elephant in the room. Especially when multiple developers and publishers keep addressing it.

-Majority of Wii owners have yet to upgrade.
-Some of those same owners still think of it as addon.
-Third party games that's been release on it has been less than profitable.
-Third party developers and publishers has voiced they concern against it.
-Sales for it hasn't been that great
-Compared to next gen consoles its hardware is outdated.

Even after a price cut and Nintendo release their exclusives, the road ahead won't be an easier one.

Theyellowflash302562d ago

EA is still a disappointment

They bitch about the Wii U and release gimped ports of their games. I don't listen to them when they talk.

AbortMission2562d ago

@Theyellowflash30 Yet didn't you drones brag about ME3 being the "definitive experience" of ME3 on the Wii u? LOL

Even Ubisoft is voicing their opinion that the Wii u is a fail. ZombiiU wasn't close to being profitable despite being a hyped launch game where console games have the biggest opportunity to sell well due to a small game library.

You drones keep saying EA is butthurt but the fact of the matter is, you are only being delusional.

Theyellowflash302562d ago

- AbortMission

@Theyellowflash30 Yet didn't you drones brag about ME3 being the "definitive experience" of ME3 on the Wii u? LOL

- When did I brag about that? The game is a gimped port with No DLC support.

Ubisoft never said the Wii U is a fail. Stop putting words in their mouth.

ZombiU wasn't that good of a game, that's why it didn't sell. Who gives a shit about hype.

You're calling me a drone and defending EA's weak attempt on Wii U as passable. All of their games were disappointments on Wii U. Madden 13 was Madden 12 with less features at $60. Same goes for FIFA.

And nice way to leave out Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U were Capcom stated it was a "Smash Hit"

Get a grip dude. You're the drone

BullyMangler2561d ago

If we pay close attention to history, all these nintendo doom game designers are really just exposing their non-CREATIVITY to the world, blaming nintendo for their lack of innovation < fact

same thing happened with the wii < peeps would say that the wii was a gimmick and that it was a disappointment . then Mario Galaxy comes out, along with Underrated Metroid Other M, and The legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword . these games proved all the nintendo complainers and whiners wrong . . (:

and now the same thing happening to wiiU . . . soon enough nintendos REAL wiiU games will show off what the wiiU is really for < face palming the small fries.

poor sony and microsoft fanboys are in for another unintentional dominant victory by Nintendo.

sucks to be fanboy in nintendos land ):

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nick3092562d ago

Who wants ea crap anyways. ... Just get a ps4 for good multiplatform games, ea usually sucks besides bf & mirrors edge.

PigPen2562d ago

I would rather not. I have something else on my mind.

Angeljuice2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Are those grapes sour by any chance? It's not just EA mentioned in the article, its Activision and Ubisoft too, you know, the three biggest names in the industry.
Nintendo released another underpowered console but forgot the must-have gimmick this time.
Tablets are ubiquitous and not a draw for the 60m+ casual audience the Wii received.

!!You needed a better gimmick Nintendo!!

Maybe brainwave headset next time? Or just don't go cheap and cheerful with your next console.

starfox792562d ago

Activision and Ubisoft are on board this article is twisting twitter conversations only EA are bitter...

Valkyre2562d ago

Ι hate EA's guts, but, sadly... this is true...

WiiU is a dissappointment. It is a console with last gen hardware capabilities...

You cannot expect multiplatform devs to limit their vision in gaming in order to accomodate their products to a clearly inferior hardware-wise console.

You cant make for example Witcher 3 for the WiiU... you just cant... and that is only a 1st gen game for PS4 and xbone... look at 1st gen PS3 games and current ones... look at Resistance Fall of Man and then look at the Last of Us.

Imagine this difference in PS4 terms...

WiiU just cant cope. They are way behind the technology race and that was bound to cost them.

Kryptix2562d ago

I agree, how can they place first with the original Wii then just come out and try repeating the process. I bet that if Nintendo came out with a gaming console that has true next gen console gaming similar to the PS4/Xbox One...they could of held a lot of ground right now against them. They keep saying that the touch gamepad has so much potential but they fail to realize that gamers won't fall to the same formula again. The formula of, "it's the way you play, not the power of the console." Now once the PS4 and Xbox One come out, people will move on from whatever advantage the Wii U had. I wish them luck if they actually release a new console in a few years...but they better do it right or nobody's going to fall for their talk again.

starfox792562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

WiiU GRAPHICS WISE IS EQUAL did you not see E3 ?

Dark king,your talking crap they don't have a problem with power as they said wiiu can run frostbite3 its just not a priority ??? look when games are getting built on cryengine3 which is much more capable....get a grip,wiiu also supports Umbra middleware which has been used on alot of ps4 games already...

Dark_king2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

@No its not the WiiU can not compete with the PS4 are X1 in terms of power. Sorry facts are facts the Cpu and Gpu are weaker.

Edit: I assume your graphics are equal comment is because the res some of the games were running at. That is like saying that ps1 and ps2 are equal.There the same res sure but one is putting far more on the screen.

Kryptix2562d ago

I'm sorry, man, but the truth is that the Wii U's power cannot compete against next gen graphically. Yea, it can run all these engines but the PS3 and the 360 can also run Frostbite 3...will that make them equally as powerful as the PS4/Xbox One? Nah, it doesn't work that way. I'm not going to judge you because you own the Wii U. I would love to own one, too so I can play all those great first party titles you're getting. It's that I just wish Nintendo tried better with it. If they did, I would buy one, I grew up with Nintendo and I love Legend of Zelda. But Nintendo has to try again and I know they can do a lot better, gotta really start trying next time.

ShaunCameron2562d ago

It's only "true" to Western developers/publishers whose games would have floundered on Nintendo's platforms anyway even if the hardware specs were up to standard, more due to the general lack of interest from Nintendo gamers.

Valkyre2562d ago

starfox79, my friend... you must be in denial if you think WiiU is equal graphics wise...

in serious denial...

Firan2562d ago

They can make pretty good graphics for the Wii U. However there is only 2GB RAM (1GB for games) so it will never be on the same scale as PS4/One.

Considering how well PS3 games developed quality wise I'm sure we will get very nice games for Wii U in it's lifetime. I just hope sales will pick up so we can see more support.

AbortMission2562d ago

You're wrong Valkyre. Just sprinkle the Nintendo dust and devs will be able to port next gen games onto Nintendo hardware that is anemic and poor compared to competitors. It's pretty obvious that devs are lazy /s

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PigPen2562d ago

I thought Peter Pan was dead. EA died when they started to open their mouth. They set themselves up for disappointment. Peter Rabbit and co-workers need shut up and move on, cause I did.

AbortMission2562d ago

Yet here you are b1ch1ng like a drone and stuck with a console that has no 3rd party support...

PigPen2561d ago

I was jocking, but you sir is talking crazy.

DarkBlood2562d ago

I dont know what they call people like me but i have to say I can't be upset from this from a multiowner perspective as i wouldnt fully give a crap which direction they are going with this

however this is a big problem for single console only owners based on first party games preference.

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