Time and Eternity - Full Review [Plus XP]

RandomMan from Plus XP writes "As you may already know I get huge enjoyment from RPG and JRPG games, and so I was happy to hear that NIS America has released another JRPG called Time and Eternity. The whole story is based around the main characters wedding day, where the princess Toki is getting married to The Hero. Just as they were about to have their first kiss however, the wedding is attacked and The Hero is stabbed protecting Toki. As he fades in and out of conciseness he sees someone beating the living daylights out of the attackers, someone who looks a lot like his wife to be Toki. With The Hero fading again Toki decides that she has to stop the attack from ever happening and so travels 6 months in the past to the point when she had her fortune told and was told that someone would die at her wedding. The hero however travels with her and somehow ends up in the body of her mini-dragon Drake. Here he finds out that Toki is a duel soul, who shares her body with another soul called Towa."

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