EU PlayStation Forums getting PSN Authentication April 14, offline for 1 week from the 7th

From Monday 14 April onwards, you will need to log in to the Forums with your PSN Sign-In ID (email address) and PSN password. Your Forum name (i.e. the name that will appear on your public profile and next to your forum posts) will be your PSN Online ID.

This change was originally planned for March 20th but was delayed.

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Blademask4478d ago

Yeah but can't ANYONE sign up for PSN?

whoelse4478d ago

yes but this will mean in time, you will be able to access your messages and friends list from your PC. If they hold forum contests, and say you receive some points or maybe even something for home, you will straight away be able to use those rewards on your PS3.

Darkiewonder4478d ago

It'll allow them to hold contest and such. WOOT! ;D

Marceles4478d ago

I hope this need to own a 360 pretty much to get into the Xbox community and thats a good way to keep trolls out, Sony needs to think of something like that as well because there's too many new playstation forum members with 2 posts lying that they're on their 7th PS3 and how much they hate the system, then they're never seen again.

vegnadragon4478d ago

When will the US forum change?

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