Diablo III: All Hell Breaks Loose on a Comfy Couch | USgamer

USgamer: "Thanks to subtle design tweaks and great controls, Diablo III makes the transition from PC to consoles - and feels all the better for it."

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Jdoki2554d ago

For once I would say that consoles are getting the superior version. No real money auction house makes this game much more like a 'true' Diablo game than the crap on the PC. (Although I have put a lot of hours in to the PC version it is not a patch on Diablo 2 or Torchlight 2)

reaperofsouls2554d ago

Would like to see the return of the paladin and necromancer from diablo 2.

pennywhyz2554d ago

Ther is no superior version the game sux and blizzard just want your money.

MWH2554d ago

take my advice guys, save your money.