Petitioners Plead With Microsoft To Bring Back Xbox One's Restrictive Features

Petitioners are pleading with Microsoft to bring back restrictions that were originally outlined for the Xbox One.

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RmanX10003726d ago

Isnt it illegal to be this stupid?

Godmars2903726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

As illegal as a Darwin award...

And just as immediately self-correcting/punishing.

Sorry for any slowness on my part. This news made my brain turn off as an act of self-preservation. Or shattering of faith.

BadboyCivic3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Some Xbox gamers are making the evolutionary step back into primates.

xHeavYx3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

It must be PlayStation fans in disguise. I can't imagine anyone seriously wanting that

Qrphe3726d ago Show
DragonKnight3726d ago

There isn't a facepalm epic enough for this. Even Tommy Lee Jones' Implied Facepalm isn't enough to describe the absolute mind boggling stupidity that this is. This is enough to drop the collective I.Q. of the world by at least 20 points. I can't believe that there are people this stupid who want a company to do this to them.

n4rc3726d ago

And I can't believe some people are so naive and arrogant that they pass their juvenile and uncalled for insults off as some sort of fact..

The more you speak, the dumber some of you get..

BluEx6103726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

What's wrong with these people??? They act like they still can't buy all their games digitally. And not worry about discs or disc swapping. Cloud computing is still a feature. What do they want, family share plan? There's time I would gladly lend a game to a co worker, but that co worker is not close enough to me to be in my family share list.

As a consumer I like to have choices in how I can buy my products. Sometimes I buy my books digitally, but it's never the same, so I always go back to reading in the old school paper way. I got a collection of comics which one day, I would like to give to my son. Got some rare comics in there also. If it was all digital, my rare comics are not rare anymore. I'm the kind of guy that still reads a newspaper, but also enjoy reading news on my tablet. I like to go to book stores instead of shopping on my kindle....

I don't know why we must stick with one or the other. Why can't we have the option for both? Stupid fanboys, trying to ruin consumers options to buy. I like both digital and physical. They both got their pros/cons.

Where do I sign a petition to take out Kinect? That's what I would want.

abzdine3726d ago

that thing is coming back, with or without petition.

but i have to admit this is the funniest thing i've ever heard

ZodTheRipper3726d ago

"It must be PlayStation fans in disguise."

Like we care. Even with there being so many arguments against Xbox this time there will always be those that will buy it no matter what.

JohnnyBadfinger3726d ago

It's obviously a trolling petition. I lold at the "major nelson impersonator"

And if you actually go to the petition everyone signing it are saying they are doing it to help the ps4. Though it being a non official petition set to 500 signatures its obviously fake started for gaming sites to make hits. Probably that trustful unbiased real gamers site or whatever they call them selves.

Woo PS4!!! Is the best!

Insomnia_843726d ago Show
mewhy323726d ago

Oh this is just crazy. LOL

Saigon3726d ago

And some wonder why PS fans act the way they do...Really, did someone really do this!!!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I bet most of them are developers, lol. Or Sony fanboys trolling to the infinite degree...

TheOneEyedHound3726d ago


If I typed that same comment I would of gotten banned for a week.

miyamoto3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Can someone tell me what kind of world do we live in?

I don't know what to believe anymore.

No facepalm no matter how dual or how big hands are can ever wipe away this nightmare Xbone has brought into the world.

Don "Xbox Destroyer: Mattrick look at what you have done!

You want to turn everyone into a brain dead lunatics.

solidjun53726d ago

Where's my Captain Picard meme?

abradley3726d ago

I think these people must just really want those features that MS took away along side the massive DRM issue.

You know, the family sharing and stuff. Well petitioners, if you want those features, ask for em, don't go and ask for the restrictions back. That's stupid.

fr0sty3726d ago

My only logical explanation is that these fanboys bought into the MS spin about their DRM so hard that when even MS was forced to change their ways, their little delusion was shattered and now they're running around confused and asking why.

nukeitall3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

As an online gaming platform, MS implementation was the least restrictive considering you could:

* share your digital library with 10 people instantanously
* trade-in your digital library
* give/sell the digital library away

For that to work, MS needs to be able to remove the game and know that it is removed (not just trust you) and that is why they need the 24-hour check-in.

Tell me of any other platform that gives you that sort of digital freedom?

I cannot think of a single platform that does! Not even Steam which is the holy grail of digital games! Heck, even on Steam a large number of games are not playable offline.

This was the future, and now we are back in the physical disc stone age. We had options, an always online console with Xbox One and physical disc with PS4 and Wii U.

Now the loud minority whiners eliminated the option for everyone by peeing in the pool they weren't going to use anyhow!

Outside_ofthe_Box3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )


***"As an online gaming platform, MS implementation was the least restrictive considering"***

But it was the most restrictive in regards to physical games. Some wanted more freedom with digital content at the expense of physical freedom while others feel what we have in place now is better than what MS was offering.

***"Now the loud minority whiners eliminated the option for everyone by peeing in the pool they weren't going to use anyhow!"***

Microsoft didn't listen to people's complaints, but rather listened to their wallets. Do you think MS would have removed all of their restrictive polices if preorders were on par with PS4 or out pacing it? If people complained, but preorders reflected the opposite of that MS would have kept their XB1 vision in tact.

Microsoft's main reasoning for removing it was to remain competitive. Those that didn't want a restrictive console didn't preorder it and now you are blaming them for that? What happened to if don't like it don't buy it, huh? Well, people did just that and MS was forced to decide on whether they should wait until the XB1 hit the mass market to see if the masses would accept XB1 before deciding to reverse their policies or if they should reverse it now. They untimely concluded that the latter was best for them. It is what it is. This is how business with competition works.

In the end, the consumer will dictate what the future is! As of right now most people still buy physical discs. This may change next gen however with every game having a digital version day one now.

Baka-akaB3725d ago

Between that and idiots applauding Nintendo's previous decision of blocking Smash bros streams from EVO , i dunno wich is worse ....

nukeitall3725d ago


The not buying was a result of the bashing it took, with so much mis-information spread.

Obviously so much whining without nothing what it is going to ultimately affect sales.

Granted MS didn't help themselves, but this was definitely the media mis-reporting and the whining talking.

People was fine with digital media for ages, under much more restrictions. It's sad and I will probably buy my games digitally, but won't be able to readily share it.

Thank you whines and the media for pissing in the pool you weren't going to use!

Outside_ofthe_Box3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

***"The not buying was a result of the bashing it took, with so much mis-information spread.

Obviously so much whining without nothing what it is going to ultimately affect sales."***

Oh so now the "minority" can affect sales huh? What happened to the "hardcore minority scream the loudest", but the opposite happens as the world keeps spinning when it comes to actual content sold?

What it ultimately boils down to is that most didn't want a console that mandates internet for *any* amount of period of time and didn't want their physical games anymore restricted than what is present today even if we get more flexibility with digital content as benefit. There is no way you can say that the media misrepresented those key concerns.

And yes, people are fine with the way digital content is handled currently which is why nobody is really losing sleep over the benefits that could be had with Microsoft's original policy. What people really didn't want was for discs to be more restricted than they are now. That's what people were upset about.

You also seem to think that the only people that weren't going to buy the XB1 in first place were the ones complaining. If all Xbox gamers were okay with MS' original policies surely XB1 would have sold a lot more initially.

fear883725d ago

Dude. Never go full-retard.

N4Flamers3725d ago


Your comment borders on senseless. You claim that a 24 hour check in was necessary for a digital library but the fact that it is a digital library means that you have to be online to utilize any of the features you mentioned. That renders a check in unessesary.

Would say that you forgot about how ms was going to limit where you can trade in your games but I think you remember. I think you remember how they attempted to tell people who they can lend their games to and how many times.
Unfortunately there is a cheaper more powerful alternative with none of the restrictions and people were flocking to it. The bottom line is that ms changed their tune because of the bottom line. The console was not going to be profitable.

dboyman3725d ago

When I hear of something like this, why does it remind me of something from that 2006 movie "Idiocracy"?

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Commandar_Shepard3726d ago


It's pathetic really. They're calling it Steam for Xbox. Steam actually lets you play offline for however long you want though.

Hufandpuf3726d ago

That's not true. Steam makes you sign online in order to switch to online mode. You can't start in offline mode

HammadTheBeast3726d ago

Well that's granted, how else would you download games?

zeal0us3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

If you don't have a connection you can in fact start in offline mode. Though eventually the user would have to go online depending on titles.
I remember during Hurricane Sandy my internet was out for two months. I was able to stay offline(in Steam) the entire time and play most of my games.

"Steam makes you sign online in order to switch to online mode."

Makes sense since you're most likely trying to access online features if you're signing in. XBL and PSN also does this if you are trying to access online features.

CoLD FiRE3726d ago

Not completely true. You have to sign in online first and MANUALLY switch to offline mode before you're able to play offline and not to mention there are random bugs that cause games to stop working offline after two weeks (it doesn't always occur but there are many reports around the internet and it affects a large number of people).