Sega’s Mysterious Project 575 Will Be Unveiled on July the 18th, Gets New Teaser

Sega announced today that the mysterious game codenamed Project 575 will be fully unveiled on July the 18th during a live broadcast that will be aired at 5 PM Japan time. The publisher also released a new teaser trailer.

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DarkBlood2555d ago

what ever happen to the Sega Spectrum?

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2555d ago

Hmm this trailer doesn't make me think of anything in particular but could this somehow be teasing Shenmue 3? I sure hope so.

caseh2555d ago

It's a nice dream, but still a dream.

Expect something like Space Channel, Sonic or something completely random which won't be released outside of Japan.

Geezus2555d ago

anybody speak *insert language here*?

nick3092555d ago

Feels like a new rhythm game.

meday3542555d ago

Thanks sega because that day is my born day, hope its something awesome!

dcj05242555d ago

Cool. Just uh, well, this just a thought but maybe.Just could LOCALIZE THE DAMN THING SO I CAN ACTUALLY BUY IT.I know crazy sega. But you might actually MAKE A FREAKING PROFIT. Isn't that the goal?