Various new Haze gameplay videos/footage

Here are some new Haze game play videos. Haze now looks even better and watching these videos make me want the game more, check them out. What are your opinions?

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Dlacy13g3848d ago

It may be a fun game...but its not going to give any of the heavy hitters a run for their money. Textures on the walls and ground are very blah.

jwatt3848d ago

Yea this game looks ok, like I keep saying the multiplayer could be where it really shines. The most impressive thing I saw was the explosions which looked amazing.

kevoncox3848d ago

There was nothing and I mean nothing stellar about this game. It remind me as generic. The blood, the shooting, the driving, is generic. It reminds me of that game that just game out for 360 and flopped. I can't believe people have been calling this a AAA title.

hack64643848d ago

Im still gonna rent it and if i like it i might buy it. I'm thinking it will get a 7-8/10. Hopefully. If not, oh well.

llamaman133848d ago

i dont have a ps3 but it looks about the same as halo, textures on ground are very bland

djtek1843848d ago

if they can get this to be 60fps then it'll be worth buying.

Blackcanary3848d ago

lol all i can say is CO-OP CO-OP CO-OP thats the main reason why i want this game lol.

Perkel3848d ago

co-op 4 plyers ftw :)

The Closing3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Did they record all the voice overs on a short bus? That gets way annoying after two seconds.

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The story is too old to be commented.