Just how destructible is Battlefield: Bad Company?

Think of Bad Company, and you think destructibility. Well, you might not, but Games Radar sure as hell do - it's been the game's most talked about feature ever since it was first announced. So, when Games Radar got themselves some quality alone time with the Xbox Live multiplayer Beta, there was only one thing they wanted to do. Blow stuff up.

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Alcohog3876d ago

Poor BF. What have you become? :(

Omegasyde3876d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if EA charged extra just to blow up buildings.

Boycott EA

Wozzer3876d ago

Does anyone know what that song is in the trailer?

King20083876d ago

Seems great but they shouldn't have threw a % out there. They could have said alot of stuff you can blow up and some stuff are with it.

Omegasyde3876d ago


What would be the point of blowing up every thing?

Then Cover would be irrevelant, and the game would be full of people spamming with nades.

The counter to that would be snipers of coarse in the very edge of the levels. Then all of a sudden the game goes to snipers vs naders.

housegroove763876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

its funny how you could blow out all the stone walls on the one building but not the wooden door. Must be some really strong wood to outlast some stone. Maybe you have to buy the destructable door DLC ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.