Grand Theft Hype

Rockstar revealed their first gameplay trailer for Grand theft Auto V today, and as Ciaran pointed out here, it looks awesome. Here’s the video again, if you’re wondering, and already I’ve got three things that have me happier than a squirrel in a peanut factory.

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PlayTheGameBro1954d ago

Can't wait this play this masterpiece September 17th

1954d ago
Anthotis1954d ago

That video made me do sexy time in my pants.

TongkatAli1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

My hype level is through the roof for it. Rockstar is back.

PS3 and 360 are going to have high ass sales for that month like bigger then COD and Battlefield numbers.

I knew that it was a massive hit that the Wii U didn't get this game : ' ) Rockstar made me right.

HeavenlySnipes1954d ago

Real shit

Unless you're the PS4 or the X1, your game should be moved back if its releasing in the fall next to this. Everyone and their nieces's aunt's mother knows about this franchise and every gamer was frothing at the mouth after watching that trailer.

maniac761954d ago

Blah,ima wait for ps4 version,who cares if u have to wait.not like the pc version is gonna be all that much better lookin

Wowee pc gets 120 fps lols.abit more particles,wow.

If u ever watcht the u4 ps4 pc demo thingy pc isnt that much ahead.

This coming gen,console gamers arnt gonna give two tosses if pc has a few tweaks here in there for multiplats, cause ps4 is just GONNA BE ALL THAT,like ur moms knickers lmao