Microsoft Continues To Be It's Own Worst Enemy With The Xbox One

The Xbox One is a powerful and sophisticated piece of gaming hardware. It has a huge amount of promise, but it will be years before it comes close to reaching its full potential. If only Microsoft could stay out of its own way.

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mayberry1927d ago

I love the line " Next up on the Microsoft confuse-o-tron"... No headset is a bad deal imho.

georgeenoob1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Wow, already knew who submitted this article before I clicked.

OT: Only people saying stuff like "It's own worst enemy" are fanboys trying to give as much bad press as they can give to MS.

The title makes absolutely no sense. A game console with an amazing line-up of exclusives, TV-integration, and a new Xbox live experience with Cloud and 300k servers. Yep, Xbox One is MS' worst enemy. Seriously, give it a rest.

HammadTheBeast1927d ago

Of those 300 k servers, please explain to me how many are physical, and how many are virtual. Cause I could make a thousand of my own right now, they'd just suck.

Please, educate a nub like me.

No_Limit1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

LOL, just looking at the headline and post picture, I already knew who submitted this article.

YNWA961927d ago

Hammad.... Let this rest... I knew the moment i saw a george comment, you would be here... Why even respond?

rainslacker1927d ago


It's actually quite possible MS is up to 300K physical servers right now for Azure. One key detail they left out though is that a majority of them won't be dedicated to X1 services, or at least not dedicated 100%.

That's the beauty of the cloud, it can distribute tasks where needed, but in no way are all those servers going to be used for X1. That would be the largest money sink in history for a game console, far surpassing Sony's cell/blu-ray implementation which caused them to take a huge hit on each unit sold for several years. least let those that believe they'll get 300K servers dedicated to their gaming have their fantasy. I'm sure MS can keep up with demand at least.

georgeenoob1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )


Listen to Gman


Hmmm idk maybe Dead Rising 3, Halo, Forza, Sunset Overdrive just to name a few?

cyguration1927d ago

What are these exclusives people keep talking about other than Forza? Titanfall isn't exclusive to the XB1 and only Project Spark (which is also going to be on the Xbox 360) looks really interesting.

Launch wise the console seems to have a bunch of multiplatform titles, none of which seem all that great. Maybe I'm missing something?

inveni01926d ago

I wonder how Microsoft's cloud compares to Amazon's. Can anyone expand?

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Geezus1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

@hammadthebeast nobody knows but i bet a vast majority are physical since MS owns alot of server farms and are in the process of building more as we speak

Saigon1927d ago

I think the missing headset is a matter of opinion; I don't think it is a deal breaker because they still sold 360s that did not include the headset. They were and are trying to market the Kinect as the needed device...

dantesparda1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

"The Xbox One is a powerful and sophisticated piece of gaming hardware"

Keep telling yourself that

Jessika_S1927d ago

Using Kinect as the primary form of communication is just dumb, I don't want to hear the voices of my friends coming out through the same speakers where my games audio is coming out. your going to repeatedly keep telling your friend to "SAY THAT AGAIN", for skype video chatting is great cause your not doing anything else unless your video chatting while your playing and then you have a problem again.

SilentNegotiator1926d ago

Don't forget the inevitable echoing coming from 75% of the players, since their Kinects will be in the same vicinity as their speakers.

Echo is bad enough now with most people using headphones and so many idiots having their volume at deafening levels.

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punisher991927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

God why does microsoft flip flop so much? Its like they are new to the gaming industry and don't know what to do or something. There is also a rumor out there saying that they are gonna up the RAM in the xbox1 to 12gb. Just a rumor though

DragonPs41927d ago

if there is any truth to that rumor that means ms haven't even started production

punisher991927d ago

Here is the rumor I found earlier. I dont really believe it. But like I said, just a rumor.


JokesOnYou1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

First off I dont believe this rumor for all the talk about RAM the truth is both already have more than enough I mean even high end pc gaming isn't using more than 4-5GB of RAM I think. Now with that said unlees they have started production its not ☆hard to just add a more RAM, since its not changing the architecture at all, so instead they just go to production with more ram but that would just be very costly for something that would likely never be tapped in the next 6-8+ minimum years by devs if at all considering cloud posibilities and what new compr3ssion techniques are around the corner.

rainslacker1927d ago


While you're probably right, you'll never find a software game developer that says that a system has enough RAM....ever. RAM is one of those things that gets filled up fast.:)

Still, going in with a lot like these systems are does help in the long run. Typically consoles come out with way too little meaning lots of creative tricks to get the most out of it.

MysticStrummer1927d ago

@punisher - Even if that was true, Digital Foundry did a comparison back when PS4 was rumored to have 4GB GDDR5 and One had it's 8GB DDR3 and 32MB ESRAM combo, and concluded that PS4 would still win that battle. Going by that, MS would have to add more than another 4GB to best PS4 in that department, though I supposed the general public might see 12GB and assume it's better even if it's not.

WeedyOne1926d ago

I don't believe the roomers but to play devils advocate here, its not entirely impossible.

They could have started production and still have the ability to expand the RAM. If these consoles are anything like a pc and the motherboards have extra RAM slots, all they would need to do is slide in another RAM card.

Probably not though but hey anything is possible when you don't know all the details!

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xReDeMpTiOnx1927d ago

Actually it would be to late in the cycle to change components as they are already having to work on the x1 for the 180 they did.

If they changed specs this late in the game they would have to go back rethink things and delay the console release and that's the last thing they prolly want to do by giving Sony that much of a headstart.

Geezus1927d ago

thats a good rumor i hope it comes through more ramz is never a bad thing

creatchee1927d ago


"There is also a rumor out there saying that they are gonna up the RAM in the xbox1 to 12gb."

Oh jeeze. Now instead of repeatedly hearing how much better 7 gigs of GDDR5 are than 5 gigs of DDR3, I'm going to have to hear how much better 7 gigs of GDDR5 are than 9 gigs of DDR3.

Kill. Me. Now.

JBSleek1927d ago

Hypervisor allows 7 GB of Ram to be used so it would be 11GB of ram used.

headblackman1926d ago

I don't we them upping the system memory anymore. I'm certain that will stay at 8gigs. however I do believe that being that the details on the GPU is so vague that the upgrade will be in that area. its not hard to believe that there will be 8gigs of gddr5 for the GPU and 8gigs of system memory for the CPU which will mainly focus on the multitasking and the 3 operating systems. this would make loads of sense

medman1927d ago

First folks want to believe the cloud is "like the power of 3 xbox one's" because some bs bozo marketing gasbag on the stage says so. Now, they are deluding themselves into believing that a corporation that has already stated it's system specifications is going back to the drawing board out of desperation and will increase ram this late in the game? Development stage is over's approaching production time. Orders have to be placed many months in advance from suppliers to meet demand. There is already word from Microsoft's camp that their supply will not match the numbers Sony is shipping. Unless they want to delay the Xbone a full six months, there is no way to implement a ram upgrade in the limited time left. There is no time, and quite frankly, Microsoft has always shown that it loves your money and so they would not offer more ram at 499. You xbox fans better pray that rumor about the Xbone having to be underclocked due to overheating isn't true, and stop worrying about more ram. It isn't coming to save you.

TheEvilWithin1927d ago

Wait I thought Microsoft said Spec's don't matter??? I highly doubt there is any upping of the RAM. Its a rumor for a reason. Some Xbox fan boy couldn't cope with the thought of the PS4 being more powerful then the X1.

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Nolando1927d ago

that would be awesome if it was using 12 GB of ddr3. would take away the ram concerns about the xbox one.

HammadTheBeast1927d ago

It would also mean they'd have to begin production much later, and Sony would get a half-year head start.

warewolfSS1927d ago

Are you always this rediculous? I bet you are insane annoying in real life dude.

UNGR1927d ago

They did it with the 360 with a much shorter time period with the upgrades. Adding RAM, and overclocking the system is generally an easy process. This far out it's still a viable option if they want to do it, it's just a matter of if, and when. Time will tell I suppose, I guess we just have to wait.

DragonKnight1927d ago

I think what's happening is that Microsoft banked too much on the ill-informed casual audience to stay ill-informed, and when that didn't happen all of their plans went to hell and they are running around like a chicken with its head cut off now.

punisher991927d ago

I truly believe that microsoft thought that Sony was gonna announce the PS4 at 499 (bundled with the PSeye) as well as strict DRM policies as well. But when E3 came, microsoft basically got caught with their pants down while Sony laughed and took advantage.

DragonKnight1927d ago

Maybe, but they stuck to their guns up until around the point of the Jimmy Fallon show where Microsoft saw first hand that mainstream television, and thus mainstream audiences, didn't like their DRM plans. If that didn't happen, maybe the pre-orders might have pushed them to change their minds, but it sure as hell wasn't the core community that did it.

T21927d ago

Bingo . I predicted a 399 and 449 ps4 months ago saying they would never top 500 again ... Noone, not even ms believed me lol

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