Gears of War In Game Soundtrack Snippets

Music have the very first snippets of the Gears of War's in-game soundtrack.

We're talking about a super sonic splurge of Gears Of War in-game music for you to listen to at ear-splitting volume on your headphones, home stereos or your crappy computer speakers.

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Daewoodrow4469d ago

I loved them! They really do set the mood of what they're playing for. Especially the boss victory and locust creeping. Plus the music sounds really machine like, perfect for the gear theme.

Dlacy13g4468d ago

On top of this very mood setting music I just downloaded the Gears trailer off of Live....all I can say is OMG THIS IS GONNA BE A GREAT GAME!!! Trailer is done in all in game graphics from what I could tell and it looked INCREDIBLE!