Nintendo Legal shuts down Smash Brothers at Evo 2013

Nintendo of America has stated that the EVO 2013 fighting game tournament may not stream any footage from Smash Brothers Melee.

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majiebeast1928d ago

Unbelievable is Nintendo just run by idiots nowadays? The entire Smash tournament is free publicity for Smash 4 and they shut it down what a way to spit in the face of your fans. Nintendo is looking more like EA everyday first with the youtube video's and now this.

Abash1928d ago

I guess since Nintendo wasn't getting any money from it they made sure it wasn't going to be used.

mattdillahunty1928d ago

i'm 28 years old, and i've been a fan and supporter of Nintendo since my childhood. i haven't owned all of their handhelds, and i still don't own a Wii U, but i've always respected the company for what they've stood for and the timeless games and icons they've produced.

but now, though...this just really disappoints me and makes me look at Nintendo in a different light. i don't even play Smash Bros competitively, and i've only ever owned the original and Brawl and wasn't hardcore into them (although i enjoyed both). but Smash Bros players have always had to play second fiddle in the fighting game community. Smash was always that game that "wasn't really a true fighting game," the game that never got the shine that Street Fighter or Marvel or Tekken, etc. the game that never made it on streams.

now, though, they worked hard and made it not only to the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, but they were going to be on stream. and the players and fans worked so hard for it:

"The rather awkward twist to all this is that the Smash Bros. Melee community raised nearly $95,000 in Evo's official charity fundraiser for breast cancer research earlier this year, a total surpassed by fans of no other fighting game. Raising that money earned Melee an inclusion in this year's tournament. And yet, now, because of an edict from Nintendo, footage of the competition in the game won't be streamed for fans to see."

but Nintendo just shuts it down for no good reason. for the life of me, i cannot think of a SINGLE justifiable reason why Nintendo should do this. yes, they are legally allowed to, but that doesn't mean they should. one Smash player tweeted that he would have to miss the finals because the tournament organizers had to reschedule Smash times and now his plane will be leaving before the finals start on Sunday (they were going to be on Saturday before this). what Nintendo did is just breaking down a community that worked hard to get where it is. and Nintendo is wrong for it.

if you're on twitter, use the #freemelee and #meleestream4evo hashtags and tweet @NintendoAmerica to let them know what you think of this. it might not change anything, but then might. but these players, fans, and supporters deserve better than this.

Kryptix1928d ago

lol Nintendo, I remember getting the N64 when I was a kid and loving Nintendo for their incredible catalogue of games I can never forget about. I actually owned every Nintendo system except the Virtual Boy and the Wii U. And my earliest memory was Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES. It's sad that they slowly started to become this, like they're trying to self destruct, not knowing what's best for themselves or anyone. Always hoped they would make a comeback but with this new face, I think they're going to hit rock bottom very soon and they'll turn into another Sega. Sorry Nintendo, but you all are a bunch of assholes now and lost the little respect I still had for you.

SilentNegotiator1928d ago

What's this? My loyal fanbase giving me free advertisement? I'll FIX THIS!

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Mounce1928d ago

It's like that news article that stated Microsoft/X1 is 'free advertisement' for good publicity on PS4

Nintendo seems to be doing the, doing all the wrong moves just to make Sony and PS4 look golden. The competition should be striving to be loved and appreciated, not look like money-grubbing assholes who want to stop at nothing but hinder your gaming sessions in any way :/

MEsoJD1928d ago

It's nonsensical actions like this that makes me think Nintendo needs new blood/leadership.

Baka-akaB1928d ago

What kind of sheep even disagreed with the first post ?

Mr_Nuts1928d ago

The ones who defend the crap out of Nintendo in all the Nintendo articles, the same ones who think that people are hating on them if you say one thing about.

Honestly they won't change unless people will admit it

They are not the same Nintendo we grew up with

dumahim1928d ago

Probably the same people who agreed with the first reply.

maniacmayhem1927d ago

Probably the ones who now know that Nintendo reversed their decision. But I guess it's too late because the over reacting folks here at N4G are too quick to put down "We hate Nintendo fanboys" and other hate spewing comments at the drop of a dime.

Fanboys indeed.

Smash Bros has been around EVO for a long time there was no way I was going to believe Nintendo would shut down streaming for the game.

Baka-akaB1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Unlikely the decision was reversed way after most of those disagrees .

Fighting game centric sites are usually serious about the genre and dont give a sh*t about little console warfare .

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hakesterman1928d ago

They are almost completely Broke, they will likely be Bankrupt before the end of the year.

Flipgeneral1928d ago

This is terrible

what a way to cross your passionate gamers. And giving less than a week's notice to boot!

So classy!

maniacmayhem1927d ago

Calm the hell down, they are streaming Smash now.

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Phil321928d ago

I'm really close to getting Nintendo games used. I can't justify giving this company my money if this is what they think of their fans.

Ashlen1928d ago

I love Nintendo, my whole childhood was Nintendo. But recently they have really been making choices I can not support.

gamer421928d ago

This game is ten years old! Cut them some slack nintendo!

NovusTerminus1928d ago

What the hell?! EVO is a big event and Smash Bros has alway beens a big part of it, why do this?

Also, EVO needs BlazBlue added in.

majiebeast1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

No this is the first time its in Evo since early 2000s. The biggest FU is that fans donated over 100k to the cancer foundation to get it into EVO just for Nintendo to go, no fun allowed.

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