The length of a game shouldn’t determine its quality

VB - We all like to get good value when we buy a game. How many times have you brought home a fresh new title and been absolutely frustrated with it, finishing it in just a few stiff, unenjoyable hours? I know that I have fallen victim to this several times in the past, particularly in the days before the Internet and having dozens of reviews within easy reach. With the release of BioShock Infinite earlier this year, I have seen a lot of discussion (again) about the concept of the length of a game directly relating to its value and price. This is a discussion that has always annoyed me and made me feel like writing something in response.

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Ashlen2024d ago

I disagree.

Length has large impact on the value of a game to me.

When I was deciding if I would spend $60 on Last of Us I only did one search "how long is last of us". When it said about 15 hours I decided to buy it at $60 versus waiting for a price drop. If the reviews had said 6-8 hours I wouldn't have bought it.

I feel like a lot of people would not have felt it a 10 game if it had been 6 hours myself included.

Edward752024d ago

I agree with you Ashlen. Quality of the game as far as fun factor is one thing. Quality as far as worth to purchase is another.

Black-Helghast2024d ago

Well I highly disagree with Ashlen. If the game is amazing enough, I couldn't care less about a game's length. I just bought Journey today and I finished it in 2-3 hours. That game is a masterpiece. I felt joy inside of me every single second of me playing it and I'm definitely gonna collect every trophy.

rdgneoz32024d ago

@black. Journey is not a 60 dollar game. Would you want to put down 60 on it for the same 2 to 3 hours of game play? I love it as well , but not for 60.

Veni Vidi Vici2024d ago

So you'd pay $60 for Journey then? $20-$30 per hour of fun is a pretty damn expensive form of entertainment. If you want to pay that then go ahead. That's too much for me, IMO. I can find other fun things to do that are MUCH cheaper per hour of entertainment.

Transporter472024d ago

Even if that was the case lets say it lasted 6-8 hours with the kind of multiplayer it has, more then justifies the purchase

ginsunuva2024d ago

Replay value?

Length of story =/= length of your playtime.

Heisenburger2024d ago


And how much did you pay for journey?

You really ought to pay attention to what people actually said when you reply to them.

Read it again then come back.


The poster above stated that if The Last of Us wasn't long enough(for THEIR individual standards) then it wouldn't have been worth the sixty clams to him/her.

To which you reply:

Journey says hi(derp).

As if paying significantly less for a significantly shorter but still great game somehow means you are correct.

Explain yourself, please.

Derekvinyard132024d ago

Dude thatgamecompany priced journey at $15, because that's what they felt it was worth. If they were pricing it at 60 bucks don't u think people would be getting ripped off ?

Godlovesgamers2023d ago

[email protected]

Value and quality are two different things, so your disagreement is null.

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dedicatedtogamers2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Value and quality are tied together.

Okay, sure, if we want to play the semantics game, a 1-hour quality game is still a quality game, but how much would you pay for it?

Plus, "quality" is subjective. "Value" is more or less objective. When it comes to value, you can match up how many modes it has, how much the game costs, how many hours it lasts, how replayable it is, you can look at the graphics, you can watch the gameplay, and then you can come to a rough estimate as to the game's value.

Quality, on the other hand, is a very ephemeral term. It means very different things for different people.

Derekvinyard132024d ago

I agree with every dam sentence you said, "how much the game costs, how many hours it lasts, how replayable it is, you can look at the graphics, you can watch the gameplay, and then you can come to a rough estimate as to the game's value. " This is exactly what I do when I research a game. I'm not sure if you agree with me personally but around 50-60% of games are not worth the price they are ($60) in my opinion, but then again that's just me.

ShaunCameron2023d ago

"Value" is largely subjective. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Galletto32024d ago

On the flip, just because an 8 hour game is artificially padded with thousands of pointless, repetitive side missions, it does not mean you have added quality to the game because it is longer now.

ufo8mycat2024d ago

Some games that are short are worth the value, simply due to the amazing gaming experience it delivers. TLOU for example, lets just say it had 6-8 hours of amazing quality instead of 14, I would still buy it simply due to the amazing experience it delivers.

Then you have other games like Borderlands 2 which delivers many many hours (100+) of gameplay which is fun, if you choose to explore True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter mode and CO-OP.

Those 2 games deliver VALUE in different ways

TLOU through sheer quality gameplay/story and an amazing experience

Borderlands 2 through countless hours of fun factor gameplay.

Both GREAT value.

Wni02024d ago

Well when your main draw for replay value is unlocking a 1999 difficulty setting your gonna have a bad time.

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