Where games are going wrong

Metro - And so it begins again. The flames wars, the pledges of allegiances to electronics manufacturers (as ridiculous as it sounds), the next gen battle lines are being drawn. No doubt many will have noticed Microsoft taking a tank-sized eraser to their current battle lines, then re-drawing them in the light of a renewed stance on the DRM and console check-in issues that have caused them much scorn over the past month.

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warewolfSS1928d ago

Is it just me or is n4g, when's it's actually up and running, getting worse and worse with this dellisional fanboy idiotic fanboys and articles?

georgeenoob1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

^ This

I've been a member for 3 years and just started commenting now cause of the insane amount of delusional fanboy talk that's been developing lately.

reko1927d ago


youre a fanboy, stop denying it.

FlameHawk1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

@georgeenoob, are you serious? You are one of those damn fanboys, you have no right saying that and yes the fanboys on here are absolutely disgusting, just reading the fanboy comments they write annoys me. Majority of them are Playstation fanboy, this is coming from a person who has owned all 3 Playstation systems.
The reputation of N4G says it all, it is one of the most hated sites because of the damn fanboys on the site.

georgeenoob1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I'm a fanboy? I point out the false information and biased unjust hate that MS has been getting, doesn't make me a fanboy. You're just used to the Sony ass-kissing on this site.

Kryptix1928d ago

No, you are a fanboy, you just haven't realized it yet. lol Things like protecting "teh clouds" when there is no video proving it's power yet. Did you know Microsoft tried forcing online DRM, treating gamers like thieves? Even forcing Kinect 2.0 when they have rarely shown any gameplay of it. So why make something mandatory when they have not shown how it works for gaming. Wait, you don't care because: A, you're not part of the core, rights don't matter to you, and you probably watch TV more than play games. Or B, you're a Microsoft fanboy, believe everything they say, all the PR talk with barely any proof. Damn, you could even be C, you just don't know what you're talking about.

GodGinrai1928d ago

Yh I have to agree. I read game news on other websites aswell and I read all kinds of bad things about the N4G community. Mostly on edge and neogaf. N4g is good because they grab news articles from all games sites and post em here. but N4G forum members are THE trash of the internet. lol

Mikeyy1928d ago

So a consumer who thinks Microsoft tried to shaft them, is now considered a fanboy?

dethpuck1928d ago

Yes. Cuz Sony is just as guilty as Microsoft. They both want your money and nothing more.

Hicken1928d ago

How they go about getting that money is different, so... no.

FanboyCrusher1928d ago

"How games are going wrong" Shows a picture of an Xbox presser. Let the flame war begin. Microsoft really turned themselves around with the Xbox One in terms of software devotion, we should at at least pat them on the back for that.