Can Square Enix Get It Right With Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn?

WC - When Final Fantasy Online was released a little over two years ago, it was met with an enormous amount of backlash and criticism. Many long-time fans took to forums, blog comments and posts about how disappointed they were with the state of the game at launch date. From the atrocious menu system, the unimaginative combat and huge amount of grinding it took to be even the least bit competitive in the game; it seemed the Square Enix had mucked up any real chance of making a valuable entry into the MMO market.

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NeoRatt1927d ago

Simply put, NO...

Final Fantasy has been a declining franchise for a few years now. Square has to start embracing change better.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1927d ago

I would probably like this even though I've never played mmo's before, but I passed on the first one BC of monthly subscription. micro_transactions would be better, just buy what I want.

Sam Fisher1927d ago

Man if they can stop putting under maintenance every f$&@ing other day maybe i can answer this author question

Nevers1926d ago

Yeah, people seem to forget that.

DrakenSilverwing1927d ago

So far it looks like they will get it right. and i hope so too! i love the Beta so far! can't wait till its back online... in 2.5hrs!

Nevers1926d ago

Yup, totally agree. So far, I'm enjoying the Beta on PS3 quite a lot. Got the CE on preorder.

Kyosuke_Sanada1926d ago

I say yes, the development team have been quite vocal on it's progress since their pilgrimage began (a quality that more game companies should follow) and they have been mighty generous to player who gave their feedback to the beta. Yoshida is one of the glimmers of hope within Square Enix.