Storytelling: The Last Of Us Vs. Bioshock Infinite

WC - We are still only a little over halfway through the year, but there have already been a couple of serious contenders for the title of game of the year, if not the generation. With this article we take a look at the storytelling within these two games, their similarities, their differences, what makes them so great and what legacy they could leave in their wake.

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Mr Tretton1927d ago

Stop comparing these games. Just stop it. Right now. Stop.

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Thepharaoh1926d ago

Why are they trying to compare a first person historical shooter set years ago in a sky city where you obtain mystic abilities and have to fight steam punk monsters along with crazy ultranatiolist orthodox religious nuts.

To a third person action game set in the future where you traverse a broken America fighting infected freak cannibals and crazy non infected cannibals collecting resources and just trying to survive and protect Ellie.

goldwyncq1926d ago

I'd say that the story in Bioshock Infinite was better, but the way the story was presented in TLOU was much better than Bioshock Infinite.