Microsoft update turns your MSP into a cash balance and gives you only a year to use it

With Microsoft rolling out the latest update for the Xbox 360, one of the biggest changes was implementing the rollover from Microsoft points to actual dollar figures. The goal being to eliminate the controversial policy that gamers have been upset with for more than 6 years. The unfortunate reality, is that it now comes with a stiff price.

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xHeavYx2021d ago

So, M$ wants you to spend your money or lose it, classy M$

no_more_heroes2021d ago

Only for the points that are converted to currency it seems. Doesn't apply to currency bought otherwise today.

jimbobwahey2021d ago

I love how they've hiked up the prices of everything on the marketplace too, while switching to real currency.

How people can ever defend this company when they repeatedly screw their customers over and over is just baffling.

FanboyCrusher2021d ago

Anything bought after the transition will not have a cap on when you can spend it. " However, the currency you purchase and add to your account after the transition will not expire." Straight from the horses mouth.

mewhy322021d ago

Micro$oft wants to control your games, your tv, spy on you with their kinect and mic, and now they get YOUR money but you only have a year to use YOUR money LOL.

2021d ago
SilentNegotiator2020d ago

"Only for the points that are converted to currency it seems"

So they converted it to currency...but somehow can't make it so that it stays?

Sense. That makes none.

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nick3092021d ago

They let you use the cash until june 2015, misleading title.

Gamingcapacity2021d ago

Did you read the article in Full? Read past the halfway point of the article nick.

nick3092021d ago

My bad i only read the quote part

Gamingcapacity2021d ago

No problem man. Thanks for removing report.

Major_Glitch2021d ago

That reminds me, I really need to cancel my Xbox Live account. I'd have done it sooner, but "The Last of Us" has totally consumed all of my free time.

StoutBEER2020d ago

Why did you put The Last of Us in quotations?

Blachek2021d ago

As least they are dumping the point system, no need for them to run their own currency other than to exploit the pricing structure of how it's bought. I hope they ideally opt for a structure like that of Googly Play or the iTunes store, Making it easier for people to spend money and more convenient.

Any step toward that is a step in the right direction, luckily for me I don't hoard any MS Points and only get them when I want something.

StoutBEER2020d ago

Oh no I ONLY have a year to spend it?? Jesus people will bitch about anything.

Major_Glitch2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

So you don't mind if some multi-national company tells you how to spend your money and when? It's YOUR money, you should be in control of it, not MS.

2020d ago
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Kingthrash3602021d ago

wow....smh. so after a year they keep it? must be nice.

HammadTheBeast2021d ago

I'm assuming it's because they want new money's from you when the Xbox One releases.

Wizziokid2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Sure you have a year to spend your MSP which get converted but at the same time you shouldn't have a time restraint on your money at all. What if nothing takes your fancy within the year and you have £30 worth of points? it's gone.

MS you just don't get it.

"However, the currency you purchase and add to your account after the transition will not expire."

Wow basic laws of being in control on your finance.

Zichu2021d ago

Isn't this the same as a lottery ticket though? Don't they have a certain time limit before they stop you from redeeming the prize money??

You still paid for the ticket, yet you get a time limit.

Wizziokid2021d ago

If i won the lottery I wouldn't hesitate to cash in the ticket I don't know about anyone else.

In my opinion it's not the same

The ticket is basically a raffle where if you don't claim it gets put into the next prize fund.

MS are basically saying if you don't spend your money within a year it will become our money, you never signed up for a raffle, you don't hold a ticket, its your money and you should choose when and how you spend it.

Funantic12021d ago

Only a year...darn I wanted 5 years.

_FantasmA_2021d ago

Expires after a year? Typical...