Top 25 Xbox Games Of All Time (#25-16)

GR: The original Xbox often gets panned by gamers for being nothing more than a Halo machine, and while there's a shred of truth to that claim, that doesn't negate the fact that Microsoft's first gaming box had a ton of great software; some multiplatform, but also a lot that couldn't be experienced anywhere else. Don't believe me? Well the staff here at GameRevolution crafted a list of the 25 best games available on the system, and I think you'll be surprised by how many awesome games there really are. So let's get right into it.

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dbjj120881925d ago

Shenmue II!! Who needs a Dreamcast...

Now I'm sad :(

Nolando1925d ago

I loved the Stranger Oddworld game, it was awesome!

I gotta say Microsoft has a plethora of ips they can go back to such as Mechassault, Crimson skies etc.

heres to hoping Xbox One gets some more revivals!