Dishonored Listed for $19.99 on Xbox Live Marketplace

Arkane studios First person stealth game dishonored is on sale for this week and is listed on Xbox live marketplace for only $19.99. DLC for dishonored is also on 50% sale.

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xtremexx1928d ago

why did its price drop so quickly? was it not popular?

dc7861928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

There are many other good games on sale. Like crysis 3, Borderlands 2

GribbleGrunger1928d ago

It's a very good game actually. I'm watching my son play it at this very moment. It does seem a little short though. I think I'm on the last chapter and it's taken me about 5 hours.

coolbeans1928d ago

I think it has to do with the GOTY edition coming in a few months (IF this price is permanent).

Summons751928d ago

It is a poorly designed and extremely buggy game. Digital Sales are always late to drop prices but this has been 20 bucks in stores since it launched and in some places less....

it had potential but relied too much on Bioshock's art and combat to carry it.

desertpunk861928d ago

(20 bucks in stores since it launched)how stupid can you be?a game that releases for 60 bucks but because of bugs it drops to 20 then why skyrim dint drop in price at launch specially the ps3 ver.

spicelicka1928d ago

It probably true that it's not popular. Its an amazing game, i'm playing it now, but i don't think it quite made it there in popularity. Also, it's been almost a year since it came out, new consoles are coming, sales are everywhere, maybe it just happened to be the licky pick.

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Nolando1928d ago

way to stay competitive M$. still. if they want their digital dream to become reality this has to be more common otherwise why would anyone want to buy off their digital store compared to another digital outlet?

UNGR1928d ago

For that price if you haven't played it now is the time.