Microsoft Restructuring To Be Announced July 11

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will unveil his comprehensive plan to restructure the company July 11, and the internal changes include bringing the Xbox division under current Windows software and hardware boss Julie Larson-Green, reports All Things D.

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allformats1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Let's hope Xbox One takes precedence in that reconstruction, because by the look of things, Microsoft is lessening the importance of the brand by appointing someone over the department who has no background in gaming whatsoever.

dedicatedtogamers1927d ago

Every indication points to the possibility that the Xbox gaming division will become the "Xbox Media division". There's already an "Xbox" button on the Windows 8 pane menu and on W8P.

Another possible result of the restructuring will be a split of the Xbox division between the hardware division (which will oversee all hardware like Smartglass, Xbox consoles, etc) and the Windows Services division (which will oversee all software development, ranging from apps to Windows OS to Xbox games to Office products).

Either way, the Xbox brand is not a big money-maker for Microsoft nor is it their focus right now. They are losing tens of billions of dollars in their OS, Office, business, server, mobile, and online divisions.

DiRtY1927d ago

"They are losing tens of billions of dollars in their OS, Office, business, server, mobile, and online divisions."


Loki861927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Everyday you show me just how uninformed you are, Microsoft has turned a significant profit the last 14 quarters straight. The last time that they failed to do it was the transition year when Ballmer was implementing his policies. Xbox has also been a big part of their profits with the entertainment and devices division bringing in close to 3 billion this quarter alone. I understand if you don't know the facts, but don't pretend you do.

dedicatedtogamers1927d ago

Microsoft's marketshare of the OS, Office, business suite, server, mobile, and online markets has been decreasing at a rapid pace, hence "they are losing tens of billions", which is 100% true if you look at the money they used to make in those markets.

The Xbox division as a whole has been in the red for the last decade. It only recently started making profit but the entire division is still about 3 billion in the red when you look back at write-offs. Hence, "the Xbox brand is not a big money-maker for Microsoft nor is it their focus".

True_Samurai1927d ago

I'm sorry it seems you've mistaken Microsoft for Sony on the losing billions lol. Give me a link on them showing huge lost of profit in so called "billions"

gaffyh1927d ago

@dedicatedtogamers - But they're not in the red, they are still making plenty of profit, so that doesn't matter that much.

On topic - I don't see this as a good thing. If anything, having the Windows head as the Xbox head will make things even worse for the gamers, because she will have no clue about the games business at all. At a time when MS needs to show that they are about the gamers, hiring a suit to replace Don Mattrick (however big of a nob he was), is not a good idea. Phil Spencer would be a better choice to lead the division, even if he is the smuggest looking git in the world.


DiRtY1927d ago

Oh dear... you don't have any clue about financials, do you?

Microsoft shares just hit a 5 year high a couple of weeks ago.
They never made more money.
The server and tools division is posting double digit growth and makes huge leaps forward thanks to Azure.
Office 365 is a huge success.
The Xbox division is profitable since 2008 - so not that recently.

Loki861927d ago

@Dedicated, please show me proof because everything I have seen shows the exact opposite, since it's clearly obvious of your bias you can see why I have hard time believe you.

malokevi1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Has anyone taken into consideration that she is a smoke-show.

She can run my gaming division any day...

I would x all over here box.

...annnnnnd so on.

No_Limit1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

"They are losing tens of billions of dollars in their OS, Office, business, server, mobile, and online divisions. "


You should rename your user name to dedicatedtoSonylovers after that quote. LMFAO, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Testfire1927d ago

Haha, this ladies and gentlemen, is why you should never come here for financial advise. Not only is dedicatedtogamers wrong, he has no clue how corporate accounting works. What's sad are his agrees he has.

MikeMyers1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Things aren't so dire when you provide facts. I think N4G should have symbols next to usernames to help identify their history and trolling habits.

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DiRtY1927d ago

Well there will be someone in place for the hardware business (Mouse, keyboards, Surface, Xbox One, Kinect, maybe a MS phone some day) but I bet there will be some sort of director especially for gaming segment.

malokevi1927d ago

I would like to see them consolidated under one "entertainment" division, hopefully with the Xbox brand at the forefront. Though, I think that's pretty much guaranteed.

The closer Xbox is tied to Windows 8 and Windows Mobile, the better. I would love to have all my devices feel like they are one and the same, with seamless sharing/app/game integration.

Xbox will never lose its importance. If anything, it pervades over their mobile/tablet devices... though W8 is the real staple.

Transporter471927d ago

This could be bad or good.. only time will tell.

guitarded771927d ago

More likely a good thing. After the initial XBOX One reveal, I figured heads would roll. Typically I'm saddened when people lose their jobs (it still sucks), but after what the suits tried to do, they need a huge change. They need to hire business minded devs... people who understand the business and also understand what gamers and developers wants and needs are.

JBSleek1927d ago

This had nothing to do with the reveal lol this was planned before.

CalamityCB1927d ago

I think what should be a major part is the toning down of the "XBOX" brand name, using it for other things such as Xbox Music and other media possibilities is a pointless effort and make the Xbox One look meaningless as a GAMES console and more of a tv/music device.

MS should focus on limiting the Xbox name to video games without getting rid of TV, Music and film.

EXVirtual1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

C'mon people. You actually think this gets better? I say this gets worse. The Xbox division is gonna be more focused on multimedia than ever. It's Steve Ballmer. remember the Kotaku article?

'most importantly, we expanded Xbox to go beyond great gaming to deliver all the entertainment people want — sports, music, movies, live television and much more.'

Guys, MS have more interest in multimedia devices more than gaming. At this point, it really seems that MS was using the Xbox as a trap to spam houses with their services. Don't forget, Ballmer's response to Mattrick leaving MS was WAY after the reveal and even E3. Only gets worse from here for xbox fanboys.

EDIT: Even if Ballmer isn't the boss, he'll get someone with the same multimedia vision.

Cueil1927d ago

You're not paying attention to Microsoft's own numbers that they've published... Gaming is the leading software on all platforms except phones (behind calling and social media)

EXVirtual1927d ago

Yes-that's for the most part true. BUT... like I said, they really are using gaming to put in their multimedia to more people. Because like you said gaming is the leading software. So they're just taking advantage.

Cueil1927d ago

you're thinking to hard @EXVirtual if gaming is the leading use on the devices then that is where the bulk of their resources will go also they get more money from gaming then from Netflix registrations and Hulu registrations(if any) They want to have all of that as added value, but they are in the business to make money and making money means games. It's likely they will subsidize their console with cable and satellite companies. If you had to choose between a Motorola cable box or a Xbox One I think the choice would be easy to make

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