GTA V Cements PS3 As My Lead Platform

GR: "Your choice for Grand Theft Auto V falls between Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Here's the breakdown of pros and cons for GTA V on each platform..."

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dbjj120881930d ago

I only had a 360 when I got GTA IV and RDR, but GTA V will be mine on PS3.

ps3_pwns1930d ago

yep in leader we trust. plus free online bonus.

Septic1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Guys...just get it on your platform of choice.

The game should run brilliantly on both consoles.

If you prefer the PS3- play it on that.

If you prefer the 360- play it on that. No need to start berating others on niggly little arguments about why your platform will be better for GTA.

You may have an intolerance for your fellow counterparts on this site but chances are, you'll do the same thing as everyone else on this game regarldess of the platform; ie get a hooker in your car, let her do her 'job' and then kill her and get your cash back. Don't lie to did it before and you'll do it again.

Also, the MP mode really will be something to behold so it might be a good idea to play on the platform where more of your mates play, if you have both consoles and are interested in the MP.

No need to drag such an amazingly promising title down the fanboy dirt track.

morganfell1930d ago

I am going to continue the same practice I began when Sony purchase Gaikai if it is possible - and that is buying digital on the PS3. Owning the digital version will allow me to play it over the PS4 once Sony begins the streaming service here in the US.

TXIDarkAvenger1930d ago

Fuck the fanboyism shit.

Get it on whatever console your friends get it on. I for one, will be buying it on 360 and I will happily pay for Gold to play with my friends.

minimur121929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The first indicator that your GTA V experience might be just a teensy bit better on PS3 is the system's Blu-ray technology, enabling Rockstar to ship the open-world epoch on just one disc. The entirety of GTA V's data will be in the drive, ready for the open-world engine powering Los Santos to pull from the disc and installed data."
Yes, one disc, but the entirety of the save data wontbe on your HDD, the game is roughly 40GB I remember reading, it's an 8GB install size for PS3 and Xbox - the 8GB acts as the first disc so on Xbox, you won't neeed to disc switch
"+Hard Drive
Every PS3 since launch has come with a sizeable hard drive, and certainly later models come equipped with much larger drives. If you bought your PS3 in the past 3 years, you're guaranteed to have at least a 120 GB hard drive as the second line Slim Model shipped with no drive less than that."
Wrong, some PS3 model's are 12GB Flash with no internal HDD, the super slim model is siting right next to me (but now has a 320GB HDD in it
"+Xbox Friends
My Xbox LIVE friends list is already populated with tons of friends made in Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer. This might not be true for you, but it is for me, which is why I'm including this factor on my list.
Grand Theft Auto V's refocused mechanics by establishing a responsive and entertaining core of gameplay for players. That means the controls will be more important than ever. If you've played Max Payne 3 on either Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have a good idea of how shooting will feel in Grand Theft Auto V. Tuned triggers and fine manipulation of your aim will be required,
So I guess he's played it then?

Don't startat me, I prefer PS, but I'm just sayinghe got a few things off.

dedicatedtogamers1929d ago

I'm going to wait to see if a next-gen console version comes out. I'm a casual GTA fan, as in, I enjoy the games but I don't bother buying them Day One. I'm happy to play GTA5 a year later, which is when any PS4 port would've been announced.

That said, GTA5 looks incredible. Looks like a lot of fun. The story missions were the weakest part of GTA4 and it looks like they're working extra hard to make the missions better this time around.

thezeldadoth1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

this article is a new low for fanboy pandering BS.

This articles purpose was to give boners to 90% of the n4g userbase.

NewMonday1929d ago

waiting for the inevitable PC version.

jcnba281929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Imagine if it comes to PS4, you're gonna have to pay for online..unlike PS3 lol

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malokevi1930d ago

Lol.... what the heck? This article said nothing.

I didn't see any merits to the PS3 version. The only REAL merit I saw, that will have any impact on game play, is the PSN vs XBL comparison... and Xbox Live was given the +.

So, how does this cement PS3 as the victor? Because you can use a headset, the Bluray drive, and "a harddrive".

ahahahahaha. Fanboy logic. N4G you complete me.

warewolfSS1930d ago

They are called N4G analysts and devs. They make no sense to anyone else, just each other

Gimmemorebubblez1930d ago

Rockstar said that both versions are built from the ground up so there is no lead platform. Perhaps its because the Xbox version comes on 2 discs while the Ps3 one comes on 1?

UnHoly_One1929d ago

Agreed. This is quite possibly the most useless and uninformative article I've ever seen on N4G, and that says quite a bit.

But, it promotes Sony for no apparent reason, so everyone gets to agree with it and disagree with people like me that actual have the capacity to think for themselves.

nosferatuzodd1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

wow you think of that all by you're self good boy here have a cookie lol

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AngelicIceDiamond1930d ago

Wasn't their talks of a Wii U version happening?

MonChiChi1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Man I wish wiiu got this game, would be a huge boost to the system.

RioKing1929d ago

^It would, but it won't.

ShaunCameron1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Same here. But the 360 version only needing to installing it from one disc then playing it from the other sounds real tempting.

asmith23061930d ago

Yeah, PS3 for me because a) I have a PS3, b) because I haven't had a 360 in years and c) because f**k M$ even if I did have one sitting in the closet!

ps3_pwns1929d ago

don't forget free online play on the ps3 and carrying your trophies over to the ps4 which ps4 will be the most popular go to console. so its best that people start moving over to the ps3 and ps3 at this point.

Bobby Kotex1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I only had a PC at the time. The whole Steam --> GFWL --> Rockstar Social Club was one of the worst experiences ever. Glad i have a PS3 now.

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acharlez1930d ago

Well, I guess I know which console I'll be getting this one on!

Starbucks_Fan1930d ago

I'm getting the 360 version On Demand because I have a ****load of points to use. It shouldn't be that long of a wait for it to be on GOD. No disc changing for me :D

acharlez1930d ago

You don't have to change the disc anyway. The first disc on Xbox 360 is just an install disc.

humbleopinion1929d ago

I think that the only thing that matters outside where your online friends are is the performance on each system. So far the Xbox 360 proved to be superior for games running on the Rockstar engine, with better resolution and IQ.
but we'll have to wait and see.

crunchychocobo1930d ago

The controller and style of game is often the deciding factor for me. With a game like this that has so many shooting mechanics, the Xbox 360 controller always wins out my console war.

dbjj120881930d ago

Normally I'd default to the controller for a shooter, but I want the open-world to run smoothly more than my thumbs.

Cam9771930d ago

You don't even have a PS3.

HammadTheBeast1930d ago

I disagree, if it was just a shooter, maybe, but there's so much like driving, tennis, and skydiving etc. Which I find is much better suited to the Dualshock in my opinion.

ps3_pwns1929d ago

I agree dualshock is designed to be versatile and is the best option for a game such as gta 5. the x360 controller is only good for halo and maybe call of duty but the ps3 controller is just as good with fps as well. the dualshock is the most used controller ever in gaming and its only getting more awesome with the dual shock 4 for the ps4. ps1-ps4 dualshock1-duual shock 4. this is the controller that is built for games.

UnHoly_One1929d ago

Lmao, you know the controller is all about personal preference, right?

My personal preference happens to be that the DualShock is the worst controller on the market right now, and it will remain that way with the DS4 until somebody at Sony gets their head out of their butthole and puts the left stick in the proper position like EVERY OTHER CONTROLLER WITH AN ANALOG STICK EVER.

HammadTheBeast1929d ago

Did you not see the "in my opinion" sign?

Also, Left analog like that is just bad for me.

nosferatuzodd1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Un holy one complained about thumb stick in the right position its about personal preference nothing more they are no such thing has thumb stick in the right position i hate the thumb stick not inline it feels awkward to me its like riding a bike and one of the handle is shorter than the other it makes no sense to me but ppl who only have a xbox are going to say the same about how the love vertical thumb stick over ps3 inline thumb stick xbots can brag about this all they want if Microsoft said we build a new control out of air they'll take that and run with it and say how good air controller is just like how they say the CLOUD lol wow talk about brainwash Xbot ltg serial code 3435 from grid unimatrix zero

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ftwrthtx1930d ago

I'm more comfortable with the PS3, so that will be my choice.

Wedge191930d ago

Sony has definitely been turning around and doing things right lately. Cementing this with GTAV is just another great thing they are doing.

UnHoly_One1929d ago

Cementing what?

This is an article written by some average Joe Blow that basically says nothing about anything.

What did Sony do that was so great, exactly??