IGN Rewind Theater - GTA V gameplay trailer

Here's our first look at GTA V in action. From planes to parachutes, tennis to cycling, Alex and Krupa take you through it frame by frame.

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BiggCMan1925d ago

These videos are the only thing I watch IGN stuff for, they always do a nice job. Though I prefer Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller, but either way. Nice breakdown as always, though this time there really wasn't any hidden things that I missed while watching it the first time myself.

luoshuigui1925d ago

The moment Bioshock and TLOU lost the GOTY, they would be GOTY of almost any other year, too bad this is motherfucking GTA5!

modesign1925d ago

GTAV might be bugged to hell. or it could get 9/10's across the boards, dont count your GOTY eggs before they have hatched.