Nintendo: Fire Emblem on Wii U would need to sell 700k to justify development

Nintendo said recently that if a stand alone Fire Emblem game was made for Wii U that it would need to sell 700k copies to make sense. For reference, Fire Emblem Awakening has sold over 900k copies on 3DS.

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cl19831931d ago

So the real question becomes would 700k owners also buy it on the wiiu?

mrbojingles1931d ago

Maybe. Awakening has sold almost 500k more on 3DS than Shadow Dragon did on DS with 1/5th the install base.

dedicatedtogamers1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Strategy RPGs don't really have a market anymore on consoles. I say that as a long-time SRPG fan.

This genre belongs on handhelds, pure and simple, and they sell far better on handhelds, too. The Fire Emblem game on Wii sold less than the Gamecube version...the market has really become that niche. In contrast, there are only 3 Fire Emblem games that have sold a million copies each and all 3 of those were on handhelds.

Which makes me wonder: why is SMT x FE coming out on Wii-U? Seems like a game that belongs on handheld. Another FE game is likely, but it'll probably be on the 3DS if Nintendo has any good sense.

EDIT @ below

Yes, SMT x FE is coming to Wii-U. What I was saying is that it does not make sense. FE games on consoles sell half of what they sell on handhelds, and ATLUS is far more renowned for handheld owners. The latest SMT and FE games will have been on 3DS by the time SMTxFE comes out. I would be startled if SMTxFE sold more than 250,000 copies on Wii-U.

Donnieboi1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Yeah playing startegy games on the go is more fun to me. I like Advance Wars, Disgaea series, FF Tactics (psp and ds versions), Valkyria Chronicles 2, etc..

And don't see myself playing them at home due to the length of matches.

I wish Rainbow Moon was on vita, 3ds, or phones. I like it on ps3 but can't find time for the long matches at home.

Besides, wifi is good enough for a turn based strategy game on a handheld (if doing multiplayer) since it doesn't need to be perfectly lag-free to enjoy (since it's turn based, a slight lag won't interupt the flow of a turn based series like Fire Emblem).

Besides, isn't Wii U getting SMT x Fire Emblem? That should be able to move at least 500k or more worldwide.

dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

@ Donnieboi

Have you tried the new Fire Emblem game yet? I know you have a Vita but I wasn't sure if you had a 3DS too.

jc485731931d ago

Fire Emblem is one of the most interesting srpgs I have ever played. They put a lot of love in creating the characters for the game.

XXXL1931d ago

Are there even 700k wii u's in circulation????? I kid I kid. I would like to see it.I've enjoyed the fire emblem series.

Xof1931d ago

That's... an awful lot of sales to justify development, especially considering only two WiiU titles have exceeded 700k sales so far--Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U.

Even more so when you realize Fire Emblem Awakening, despite being something of a runaway success for Nintendo, is only at 950,000 sales worldwide.

It seems to me that Nintendo is vastly overestimating the required budget for a Wii U Fire Emblem.

mrbojingles1931d ago

They could be wanting a lot of profit, perhaps it only requires 300k or 500k to break even. Also, I'd point out that Awakening has doubled the sales of the DS and Wii/Cube installments, so the franchise appears to be on the rise a bit.

mrbojingles1931d ago


Shadow Dragon, the only FE released on DS in all regions, only sold 10k more than the Cube game, and only 100k more than the Wii one. The GBA games sold 900k-1million and Awakening appears to be beating those.

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