Are Nintendo’s Franchises Running out of Steam?

Adnan Riaz assess Nintendo's Franchises and whether or not the company is lacking the spark that it once had. What are you thoughts on Nintendo's first party content?

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thomasmiller1928d ago

AGREED! look at the fresh takes on super mario 3d world, and mario kart 8! and Donkey Kong tropical freeze... nintendo always adds some fun and fresh elements to their franchises just another sony and microsoft roll printing a stupid article!

Rusty5151928d ago

Epic Sarcasm. Nah in all honesty, I'm bored of most Nintendo games except for Smash Bros, Zelda, and Metroid Prime. Nintendo can keep making the same franchises if they want, but there comes a time where you need to make another AAA IP to get your console out the door. They can't just keep relying on the same franchises every. Single. Console. Generation.

ps3_pwns1928d ago

Mario kart and 3d world ran out of steam for me a while ago.

pikmin still has steam left, and so does pokemon

guitarded771928d ago

Yeah, the franchises are fine. But Nintendo itself needs to step up their game in modernizing the Nintendo Network. Adding an accomplishment system, and full integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter, and allowing screenshots from all games to be shared directly to social media sites increases attachment rate, and is free advertising. Their first party titles are good, Nintendo just needs to invest more in the Nintendo Network.

kewlkat0071928d ago

To tell you the truth yes..

The games themselves have just not progressed with the times. I have nothing against those games we talk about..but I would like a new plat former similar to mario or something different...More games in the same genres..

At the end of the day that is how Ninetndo stays afloat..

diepdiep1928d ago

How much more are people going to complain about Nintendo? This is getting ridiculous.

MidnytRain1928d ago

Nintendo is a lot different now than it was during the GameCube's run. They've changed, and not for the better...

AngelicIceDiamond1928d ago

"Are Nintendo’s Franchises Running out of Steam?"

I bet someone asked that very same question back in the Gamecube days.

Yeah, its a 10 year old question.

Why ask a question that everyone knows the answer to.

Lets fast forward into the future. Donkey Kong, SSB, 3D Mario and Pikmin will sell over 2million copies, done.

LaFleur1928d ago

Can't say I did back in my 'Gamecube days'. I actually enjoyed the games I was playing on it.

Kingthrash3601928d ago

no I dont think so.....THESE are legendary games and will always sale.
that said Nintendo NEEDS a new blockbuster franchise badly...milking is milking and while I enjoy these heavily milked would be great if they brought something new ...Mario killer new. Nintendo devs have the talent to do so but all the milking has gotten them lazy imo.

WeAreLegion1928d ago

I agree. Nintendo has some of the best developers out there. Why aren't we seeing something incredible?!?

PopRocks3591928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

You mean like X from Monolith or Wonderful 101 from Platinum? Gee, I guess there isn't ANYTHING out there. /s

WeAreLegion1928d ago

I know you're being sarcastic, but I wouldn't call those incredible.

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The story is too old to be commented.