Rygar NES | Sagila's Cave | Favorite Game Level

Peter Tieryas continues his series of exploring favorite game levels Rygar from the original Nintendo, exploring Sagila’s Cave.

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bangoskank2993d ago

I rented this and was glued to it until I beat it. This was the first metroidvania type game but unfortunately was forgotten. I'm glad someone's giving it the attention it deserves.

tieryas2993d ago

hey Bangoskank, yes, I loved this and was so happy to play through it again. Thanks for checking it out

Tex1172993d ago

Beating that game when I was like 10 remains one of my greatest gaming accomplishments.

tieryas2993d ago

ha ha, yeah, I remember beating it very fondly too. It was so tough because you had to do it in one sitting!

XtraTrstrL2993d ago

Well it wasn't forgotten, in 2002 they made a 3D PS2 Rygar: The Legendary Adventure. I owned this original one though, and it was a very cool metroidvania game. It was weird, how it'd be a top-down game in certain areas, then go to the sidescrolling in others. The music was always very memorable. They need to make another sequel, but in this same metroidvania style. If I remember correctly the PS2 game was just level based. This was a great game overall.

bangoskank2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Rygar for the ps2 wasn't very good. I remember getting very excited because I loved the nes game but the ps2 game didn't come close to meeting my lofty expectations. Actually, I was so disappointed that I played it for about 10 minutes and put it down for good. I meant that the nes game was forgotten, not the franchise. It really isn't regarded as the classic it should have been. I like to make believe rygar ps2 never existed.