New Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Screenshots

RPGSite wrote "Along with the announcement of a Limited Edition, Square Enix has also released many new screenshot of this remaster. We get a better look as some of the improved character models as well as the battle interface."

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Chaos_Raiden1929d ago

Thanks for the share. I love Final Fantasy X very much.

SquareEnixFan1929d ago

Wonderful. I have played through both of these games multiple times but I still can't contain my excitement for this.

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GeckoPutt1929d ago

The graphics looks absolutely breathtaking. I'm extremely grateful to Square Enix for remaking my all time favourite game. This game contains a lot of memories for me, and my childhood is etched into every single scene. It's going to be a pleasure to play these two games again (especially with added trophies and the portability of the Vita system!).

A very elated fan right here!

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