The Mysterious Picture Published by Sony Probably Isn’t Teasing the PS4′s Release Date

Today Sony published on various channels a mysterious picture of a solar eclipse with the message “When Worlds Collide”. The picture showcases what seems to be a solar eclipse. But what does it mean?

Most probably not the PS4's release date.

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ShugaCane2021d ago

Fingers crossed it's teasing another awesome Sony exclusive.

Abriael2021d ago

Most possibly, considering that they wouldn't do a teaser for a multiplat title.

tigertron2021d ago

Savage Starlight!

Seriously, I'm going to keep saying it until it comes true. :P

LackTrue4K2021d ago

Another n4g user posted this on a similar goes to him

delicia2021d ago

First comment on the website says it's probably a new Super Stardust game. Sounds like it, I guess.

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Rusty5152021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

The Wii U was released on a Sunday in North America... So this logic is invalid.

Abriael2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

And we saw how well it went didn't we?

Nintendo does some times release stuff on Sunday, but Sony doesn't.

Also, all the elements we saw so far indicate that Sony wants to release the PS4 on the same day for NA and Europe, and while in NA most shops are open on Sundays, in a lot of European countries they aren't.

Rusty5152021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

No. That's Nintendo's fault. If you're judging the Wii U's lack of sales ONLY because it was released on a Sunday, that's just plain ignorance. And the Wii U actually sold well when it launched. It wasn't until after December that the sales went south.

EDIT: And I think what Sony meant about having a worldwide launch, is that they would have it available worldwide before 2014. I highly doubt they'll launch the PS4 in ALL countries on one day.

Abriael2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

@Rusty515: a release on a Sunday simply doesn't help, especially for Europe where a large percentage of shops are closed for holiday.

Sony has no history of releasing anything major on Sunday, and that's for a reason.

Jaqen_Hghar2021d ago

God a man hopes not. How could Amazon guarantee launch day delivery if the mail doesn't come on Sunday?

Abriael2021d ago

That, or Dust 514 on the PS4.

Becuzisaid2021d ago

Ugh... I really hope not. Cannot compete with Planetside 2 IMO.

Supermax2021d ago

Eve online for ps4 to merge with dust 514.

superterabyte2021d ago

Although the DS4 has a touchpad I can't imagine eve working on a DS4 although I would't say it's impossible

Sevir2021d ago

Presumably this Friday and IGN is revealing the title!

"We will be revealing exactly what this is in the coming days right here on IGN."

Abriael2021d ago

IGN and their exclusives: Killing competition in game journalism one game at a time...

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