Possible PS4 Release Date In Sony’s Mysterious Image

The image Sony just tweeted might just reveal the PS4 release date, worlds will indeed collide on this peculiar date.

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dedicatedtogamers1931d ago


Pre-console launch conspiracies are the best conspiracies. I loved the "rumor" from yesterday that Xbox One was going to jump to 12 GB of RAM before launch.

GribbleGrunger1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

This actually makes sense! Wouldn't this be the PERFECT time to launch the PS4. Think of the advertising on that day!

... might not be true though ...

s8anicslayer1931d ago that is my comment from yesterday, I guess my gut feeling was right and the Gods are in favor of the PS4 if this image happens to be what it's pointing to.

inveni01930d ago

There's an eclipse on October 18th, too, which is closer to the October 17th date teased in The Last of Us.

jerethdagryphon1930d ago

Also remembeer the ps4 codename orbis .

I think this is a good hint as too release date

avengers19781931d ago

@dedicated the sad thing is xbot fan tards eat up all the rumors about how MS is making the XB1 more powerful before launch. The 12 gb ram is just the latest... Any changes at this point to the hardware would push back there release date, and end up making the launch some time next year.
Gotta to except the XB1 specs ms gave out from reveal to E3 are the real specs of the XB1.

Gasian1930d ago

It is just a rumor anyway relax. No need to be immature you can explain yourself in a constructive manner before blasting away at a forum post by one guy obviously over his head in rumors. And if it is even true does it not mean more competition for us what is wrong with that? Monopolies on the market suck and you see call of duty dominating that first person shooter market and not innovating except for dogs and moving fish ai (sarcasm). I understand your post and I respect how you feel that all Microsoft is trying to play catch up and get back its hardcore who have left and it is really arrogant of them but you came off as immature and I have seen a lot of people on be immature on n4g, and YouTube. Let this place be where people give there constructive opinions and not just a game of who has the better master because neither of these companies care about you and only want your money.

Thanks for being consiterate,


kingxtreme811931d ago

"Confirmed", huh?


Oh, and 11/3 is a Sunday. Seriously doubt Sony will release PS4 on a Sunday.

Sitdown1931d ago

I wouldn't doubt any launch day with Sony.......why? Because no matter the day of the week there will be a line to purchase it. With that said, hopefully not on a Sunday, unless Amazon has it to me with the mail on Saturday. Also, I would not want to have to go to work the day after it launches......all the more reason why Nov 1st is perfect.

KrisButtar1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

The Wii launched on November 19, 2006 which was a Sunday.

Edit: Releasing a console on a Sunday is nothing new

s8anicslayer1931d ago

That's because Nintendo always releases big things on sundays

kingxtreme811931d ago

@ Sitdown and Kris:

That's a Nintendo thing. Sony nor Microsoft does not do that.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but it seems unlikely given their history. Not to mention a place where Sony does lots of business --Amazon-- would not be able to get systems into people's hands until after launch.

KrisButtar1931d ago


Sony has released their consoles on Saturdays, so this could be the advertising for the PS4.

Prcko1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

i would never say this is a release date lol

RGDubz1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I believe 11/5 will be the release date for the PS4 in North America.

logan_izer101931d ago

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me. It just seems very out of character for SONY itself to massively tease a single studio's video game. The studio usually does it themselves.

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