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This game, with this story, these characters, with this soundtrack and all the good you can find in it, a 12 year old kid was blown away, and so understood that the games were not just for fun, but they had something else. Years later, I could see the contrast and developers thought, that lack of experience was something completely abstract to me and that's why Final Fantasy VII is not only the best JRPG of PlayStation, but also the best ever, at least until today.

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darthv721929d ago

I only recently picked this game up at a flea market for $25. I never played it before but i have been on a serious retro kick and buying up all sorts of games I passed on when they were new.

I can see why this is such a revered game. I need to get 8 and 9 to round out the collection.

MegaSackman1929d ago

I don't know if you have played VI, but if not, get the GBA version. It's as good as VII, some people even think is better.

VIII and IX are also great additions.