Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Reveal Impressions

For the longest time any sort of gameplay reveal of Grand Theft Auto V was to be held behind closed doors for select members of the media to get an early look at what many are calling the most anticipated game since it’s big reveal on October 25th of 2011. Well the time has come for the gaming community to finally get past the awesome trailers that Rockstar has released, and take a closer look at how Grand Theft Auto V is going to play...

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irokster1929d ago

I think it looks awesome! Cant wait to play!

solidworm1929d ago

LOOKS truly amazing just a massive shame its not releasing on the next gen consoles.

RGDubz1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

It will be releasing on PS4/Xbox180 along side the PC version.

Rockstar keeps telling you it's not releasing on next-gen consoles as to not hurt sales on current-gen consoles, it's a smart business tactic.

@ the disagrees

Be sure to feel stupid when it comes out on next-gen consoles.

1929d ago
RGDubz1929d ago

Which part of "business tactic" do you not understand?

solidworm1929d ago

I really hope your right bro, that would be amazing and worth waiting for.

SegaGamer1928d ago

I have no idea why people are disagreeing with you, it's so obvious this is going to happen. They would be nuts not to bring it out on the next consoles.

It's just like Saints Row 1, they released it first on the Xbox but then the 360 came out and they released it on there as well.

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Nes_Daze1929d ago

GTA Online is going to be amazing!

solidworm1929d ago

Probably not, ROCKSTAR have always sucked at mp. Obviously hope they turn that around though.

Nes_Daze1928d ago

I actually liked GTA4's multiplayer, there were a lot of game modes, some leveling, it was fun imo, and this time it looks like it will be much, much better.

SegaGamer1928d ago

I hope it's better than GTA 4, that was terrible. It's littered with hackers and people that never actually want to play properly.

playapride1929d ago

they have weed stores there nice lol

iistuii1929d ago

looks awesome to play. I wish it was on PC. I really struggle to play games on my consoles now, the games are so jaggie & low res. But I have no choice so bring it on.

ifritAlkhemyst1929d ago

Tell me about it. But it will come. The entire series is already on there. Just don't hope for any RDR ports.

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