GDC Europe 2013 - Crysis III, AMD Next-Gen GPU Architecture and Housemarque talks added

DSOGaming writes: "The AMD GCN [Graphics Core Next] Architecture' is a can't-miss session. Mah plans to go into very low-level detail about the GCN architecture's compute and functional units' capabilities; considering AMD's technology will power the PS4 and Xbox One, this talk is definitely a must-see for graphics engineers wanting to know how to take advantage of next-generation consoles."

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FrigidDARKNESS1954d ago

Definitely looking Foward to the next gen AMD Radeon cards GCN 2.0

Wanted Rogue1953d ago

I'd like to see more in the tiled resources of directx 11.2. It would appear to be an excellent solution to extending the life of graphics card and start making them work smarter rather than just throwing more and more memory and power into them.

FrigidDARKNESS1953d ago

Hope they show some type of game using the tile resources. MS already have there first party studio using this technology.