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Wizziokid1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Just saw this, I wonder if it's something to do with KZ:SF, Since the Helghast and ISA are on the same World, or one of the unannounced games.

I'm guessing it's something new

pr0t0typeknuckles1928d ago

You may be onto something sir.

TheGrimReaper00111928d ago

subtitles def remind me of GOW

Mr_Nuts1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Well if it is I hope it's not God of War but something new.

That phrase reminds me of that SpongeBob episode

1928d ago
GiggMan1928d ago

Stop it! Don't get my hopes up!

inveni01928d ago

The more, the merrier, Sony. Keep 'em coming.

wenaldy1928d ago


Endure and survive.

The_Con-Sept1928d ago

My buds and I on PS4 headsets be singing:

now this is what its like when worlds COLLIDE!!!!!!!



karl1928d ago

i agree.. i love GOW

but if its a santa monica game..

lets hope for a new title....

maybe we cant get something just as good as what naughty dog pull on the end of this gen with the last of us...

ThanatosDMC1928d ago

If it's a Lightning crossover again... i'll be pissed.

MoveTheGlow1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


Brilliant move by Sony to buy out Powerman 5000! They already had a great voice for the PS4 in Mark Cerny, but it was very well-known that Microsoft was looking at Spider One to be Mattrick's successor. Now you get the cool, dulcet tones of Cerny's technological brilliance, juxtaposed with the slidey almost-rap, George Clinton meets Fred Durst-esque punctuated by bouts of screaming stylings of Spider.

It's not too long before they buy out his brother, Rob Zombie, and PS4's new tagline is "More Human Than Human." Don't screw this up, Sony! "Living Dead Girl" is not a good tagline for a system.

But I can see the Japan Studio's theme song now... TOKYO!!!! TOKYO!!!!

darren_poolies1928d ago


That easter egg was taken from GOW:A that's why.

joefrost001928d ago

Great spot
Hopefully we find something out at gamescon

badz1491928d ago

shhh...don't give SE any more shitty ideas!

MuleKick1928d ago

Seriously, the last God of War was not that great. Definitely the worst of the 7. In my opinion. I do love the franchise though.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1928d ago

I can guarantee for a fact it refers to God of War.

I downloaded the image from the playstation twitter account and guess what? The image name was: GoW-0943.jpg

No more speculation, go on twitter and download it for yourself from @playstation.

zeee1928d ago

That looks like a "Hybrid Solar Eclipse" which will occur on November 3rd, 2013.

Could this be a hint of PS4 release date?

I'm still hoping for Oct 17th release date :)

FAT MAN GO BOOM1928d ago

No I don;t think it is that... .this looks new and it looks like alien type thing...

plaZeHD1927d ago

We got a smart guy over here.

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MuhammadJA1928d ago

Please let it be GoW. :)

GoW > Bayonetta

1928d ago
Harkins17211928d ago

@J-blaze step down from your high horse. GoW is bay far so much better then Bayonetta. Thats exactly why GoW games keep pushing the limits and of course have another game to there name. Bayonetta has to have Nintendos help in order to be made.

RedHawkX1928d ago

@ j-blaze

the only thing bayonetta revolutionized is bad sales and the sequal is going to revolutionize worst sales on that crap platform of a wii u lol.

s8anicslayer1928d ago

@ j-blaze To date every Hack and Slash game is compared to God of War, so tell me how Bayonetta "Revolutionized" the genre? Yes Bayonetta is a good game but it is in no way an industry standard to compare all future hack and slashes to!

MysticStrummer1928d ago

Note to j-blaze :

Preferring one game over another isn't trolling, and very few people would say Bayonetta was king of the hack n slash genre.

SilentNegotiator1928d ago

"the game did very well in sales"
Tell that to SEGA.

Yawn...Xbros and Playstation haters love to overrate anything Platinum Games. They created a half-decent hack and slash that they could champion as "better than God of War" in the absence of having the option to play GoW3 on their non-existent Ps3s. They created a MG game that made it to the Xbox 360 that they could champion as "more entertaining than MGS4" in the absence of having the option to play MGS4 on their non-existent Ps3s. They even championed that game that lasts 3-4 hours and had has piss poor balancing where bosses have cheap moves that go through things inexplicably and punching an enemy leaves you completely without energy to evade with.

If the media had less petty lingering Playstation hate in 2009 and desperate fanboys weren't looking for a champion, their games would have gotten much lower metacritic scores and had a much shorter impact on game communities.

kidalot1928d ago

Bayonetta has much deeper combat mechanics than gow. A quote from Mr Jaffe "They are SUPPOSED to! In GOD OF WAR our goal was to get the player to feel like they were on an adventure that was easy to play, had cool scenarios, puzzles, platforming, etc.” this was him comparing gow to games like dmc and Bayonetta, pure technical games to Gow.

It depends on your preference, I prefer deeper and better combat mechanics, smooth controls that look stylish when pulled off. You can have your own fun with the weapons and skills you have.

I guess other people just like to see Kratos kick ass. Don't get me wrong GOW is a fun game but it's gameplay can't match the likes of dmc and Bayonetta.

JetP06191928d ago

@jblaze if anything the onimusha series on the ps2 was a better hack and slash game than bayonetta.

There's a reason why every hack and slash game is compared to gow from time to time, because it set the bars for the industry's hack and slash game.

joefrost001928d ago

I love gow die hard fan sense the first one
But I dont think gow 3 was better than bayonetta
Maybe gow 2 but not three
Bayonetta was great

Three greatest of all time though
Gow2, Dmc3, NG black

MajorLazer1928d ago


I played Bayonetta and it was meh. GoW is the undisputed king of the genre, with Dante's Inferno being a far better game than Bayonetta too

nosferatuzodd1928d ago

I'm a Sony fan also a god of war fan but I of to agree with jayblaze on this one beyonetta is a much more complicated combo and skilled game over god of war but graphics and big take down I give that to GOW I'm going to get a million disagrees but hey can't be help

PSN_ZeroOnyx1928d ago

Read comment 1.1.17

PS - I do accept bubbles lol

rustyspoon801927d ago


When I try to download the picture this is what I get.


baodeus1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

GoW battle mechanic will never be on the same league as NG, DMC, Bayo. If you prefer QTE fest and simplify button smash, i guess GoW is the top on that ladder, but please don't compare it to other games that require real skills to master.

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AhmadCentral1928d ago

This is clearly Halo going multiplatform....

Wait... What!

majiebeast1928d ago

Seems like IGN has the exclusive scoop and Dust514 has been ruled out by Colin Moriarity.

Sevir1928d ago

My guess its a new IP. IGN has the exclusive story to it. I'm waiting for it.

Sevir1928d ago

Presumably Friday to coincide with their 300th episode of Beyond... It'll be streamed live with special guests from Sony and such.

NateCole1928d ago

Sonuds like its a big deal.

DeadlyFire1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Take a look at the Planetside 2 planet Logo. Color it purple. Spin it a few degrees and bam. PS4 edition with Purple planet logo.

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Old_Prodigy1928d ago

I know what it is. It's.... Half Life 3 confirmed.

dcj05241928d ago

I still want a new God Of War on my VITA.

porkChop1928d ago

I'd want one with a new character and story, and a new mythology. Kratos story is finished, and has already been dragged on a bit with the completely unnecessary Ascension.

If they're going to continue God of War, I want something entirely fresh.

ShiranaiJittai1928d ago

You got one it just wasn't released on Vita in the end.

If anyone thinks Ascension was ever originally meant for anything other than Vita you are dead wrong.

Vita didn't have the install base to warrant releasing GOW on Vita so they simply ported it to PS3 and added multiplayer thinking no one would be the wiser but it is so damn obvious.

SniperControl1928d ago

i will guarantee, this is the PS4 release date .

ZodTheRipper1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

If the release is in November it's definately possible, if it's in December I'd think that they leave that for Gamescom. But since IGN seems to have an exclusive deal with Sony to reveal it first, I wouldn't think it'll be the release date.

Bobby Kotex1928d ago

It's Final Fantasy XIII-4: The Final Milking

Gimmemorebubblez1928d ago

When worlds collide,Everyone dies-___-

Mounce1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

When I heard 'When worlds collide' - I first thought of Metal Gear Solid because of the song 'When Heavens Divide'.....then I thought of DMC3 and remembered the song and then watched some:

Then I thought 'Killzone?' Worlds collide sorta sounds appropriate varying on the story progression of the Helghast

CONFIRMING IT HERE, Sony is teasing Powerman 5000 - The Game, PS4 exclusive.

LonDonE1928d ago

I don't know why, but i thought of eternal darkness, who knows maybe Sony bought the rights to the sequel since the developers kick starter failed?? lol who knows what it is, interesting fact, on the 3rd of November a hybrid eclipse will happen this year,When worlds collide ... maybe the world of playstation and our world? Looks like the PS4 would be released on the 3rd of November 2013?

Also If you look closely at that sparkling cloud beneath COLLIDE, it looks a bit like the Disney castle. It even has the dome-like sparkle surrounding it. Maybe it's a new collaboration between Sony and Disney?
who knows, whatever it is, Sony is sure to amaze!

Thanks to Kaminari-One and Amans91 for the comments!

wastedcells1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

TV on PS4!! Lmao. Hope it's a new Santa Monica game or steam on ps4 via cloud gaming.

yami9301928d ago

There was actually rumors around E3 time or right before E3 about a PS4 MMO that will be like DC Universe where you create your own hero and work along side Playstation characters like Ratchet and Clank, Kratos, Cole etc. Can this be teasing that? Time will tell...

locos851927d ago

Heavenly Sword and God of War!!!

TAURUS-5551927d ago

i bet its some game like star wars

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Prcko1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

some epic exclusive game,gief!!!

ASTAROTH1928d ago

Imagine a game where you play as a Helgast soldier defending against a Chimeran invasion... that would be just amazing!!!

ceballos77mx1928d ago

That would be a day 1 purchase.

SilentNegotiator1928d ago

Cool thought, but definitely unlikely.

ASTAROTH1928d ago

Unlikely??? they are both Sony franchise... anything could happen... I just dream about it.

locos851927d ago

I don't think so.... remember Resistance is in the 50's and the Chimera pretty much wiped out humans.

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THC CELL1928d ago

Xbox new ring of death. Haha I joke it's something to do with destiny me think

razor761928d ago

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THC CELL1927d ago

Had cancer cut out of me mate, lost my food pipe and 60% of my stomach. Spent 4 weeks in icu and 2 weeks on satellite unit. My vita kept me going as hospital tv cost arm and leg to use. that was a year a go. Hope u recovered well. Am cancer free now around this time last year I was crapping my self and worried id never see my family again as as a gamer next gen.

pr0t0typeknuckles1928d ago

I got nothing I cant find any hints,though worlds collide make think crossover,and the eclipse make me think of ratchet and clank crossover with something,but im reading too much into minimal stuff.

OllieBoy1928d ago

Gran Turismo x God of War

Real driving simulator in ancient Greece.