Stunning new GTA 5 screenshots

Alongside the brand new trailer, Rockstar has also released a host of new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V

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thecowsaysmoo1928d ago

Im going to get the ps3 version of this game!!!

ape0071928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

this look too good to be on current gen systems

what's this, magic?

SIRHC131928d ago

It's called eight years of experience building an engine

Aleithian1927d ago

Yup. And a no-bullshit staff.

anticlimax1927d ago

After seeing the gameplay trailer, I actually feel it looks very current gen. I remember being a lot more impressed with Skyrim screens at the time. Now, graphics luckily aren't what makes GTA great, but still. Take a look at TW3, that's what next gen looks like.

shadowmist131928d ago

Or rockstar putting on the gta v disc a secret overclocking virus hahahaha,but they probably used a few trick like rage and max payne 3 had a system that better grqphics could be used but made the game much much bigger,max payne 3 is 32gig on pc.