Nintendo And Other Japanese Game Companies Win $944K Worth Of Damages In R4 Piracy Lawsuit

Now, Nintendo has revealed in a statement released today that it has won a a large sum worth of damages in its ongoing legal fight against R4 sellers. Specifically, a Tokyo court ruled that two major R4 distributors were obligated to pay Nintendo and 49 other Japanese gaming companies, — Square Enix, Capcom, Konami, amongst others included — a total of 95,625,000 yen (or $944,966.25).

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-Mika-1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

And people say sony are bad but they sued people for this much money.

Blankolf1931d ago

Are you blind? It says nintendo...

BlackWolf1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Wait a minute! You're saying that they should have not sued this guys, who have been profiting from piracy of their games? These japanese companies are fighting for the intellectually properties, and that's bad in you're book... Good logic there, dude.

Look, I know you just hate Nintendo, I get it (pretty much everyone here does). But it's not only Nintendo who is suing here. What about the other companies? Konami? Capcom? Square Enix (yes, the people that made your beloved Final Fantasy XIII, judging by your pic) is also on the group, so I guess you're okay with them losing money, eh?

In the long run, piracy hurts the industry. If you're okay with piracy, that's your deal. But at least admit that these game companies are not the villains here. They are protecting their property, trough legal means, and they won. And that's it.

EDIT: Thanks for the sentiment and the bubble, exfatal. I also tend to avoid Mika, but sometimes she really grinds my gears.

exfatal1931d ago

Well said man bubbles for you.

I normally just ignore Mika since she one of the biggest sonydrones/troll

These companies are just protecting there I.Ps nothing wrong with that.

Jagsrock1930d ago

quit acting as if sony is your dad, it's sad.

TXIDarkAvenger1930d ago

But isn't that how most people act here on N4G?


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Xof1931d ago

This is how to fight piracy: attack the people enabling piracy, not the legitimate consumers.

Rest of the world: take note.

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PigPen1931d ago

That's good for Nintendo and all the others, cheers!

1930d ago