GTA V Will Have Stats Like In San Andreas

Check out this image from the new GTA V gameplay trailer that confirms the game will have stats like in San Andreas.

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N7Lukas1979d ago

So glad they decided to return to the San Andreas formula.

RE_L_MAYER1979d ago

what I don't get is why franklin has the worst gun bar statistics-the other two guys have a ton of it but he has so little....he needs a buff

MajorLazer1979d ago

He looks to have the best 'Stealth' stat, which suggests that with him, the use of a gun should be less than the other two protagonists. The video shows a gun range, so i'm sure Franklin can increase his skill in shooting if need be

RE_L_MAYER1979d ago

I hope so because he is most favourite to me so im gonna be playong him