Watch The Story of Mark Cerny and the PS4 In a Lovely “Bedtime Story” Cartoon Form

Many feel that Mark Cerny’s conference at GameLab 2013 in Barcelona made a a talk about RAM and gigabytes sound like the most awesome bedtime story. This video demonstrates exactly that.

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first1NFANTRY1930d ago

lol this was well done. his voice is so mellow it actually sounds like a bed time story.

Abriael1930d ago

It does lol. I think I saw his presentation like five or six times, because it's really pleasant

ps3_pwns1930d ago

this is why you support playstation. Microsoft don't have sh*t like this. they are a bunch of suits who are worse then Hollywood. time for you guys to come back to playstation.

b_one1930d ago

im wondering what MC feels about those kind of reactions, animgifs etc :)

ArchangelMike1930d ago

I'll be dreaming about TLoU 2 on PS4. Sweet dreams indeed.

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sashimi1930d ago

Lol this is awesome cause i'm about to go to sleep, thanks mark :)

Neixus1930d ago

I love this guy, when i first saw him at the ps4 reveal, i thought he looked kinda creepy. But he's imo the most experienced and just the best guy in the playstation studio. together with jack tretton and kaz,ofc.

YNWA961930d ago

This is what I expect from butters, was waiting to see comments, hope you guys bottled that warm fuzzy feeling....

Abriael1930d ago

I have 30 bottles stored in my cantina.

YNWA961930d ago

Good, bring it to the next trade show, unsuspecting consumers will lap it up! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.