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Prcko1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

this is day 1!
This is must play game!!!

Gran Touring1930d ago

I know, can't wait to play this game!

US8F1930d ago

The best of all Open world games combined. Thank you for releasing quality rather than quantity Rockstar

Skips1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Mother of .......!

Just imagine GTA VI next gen!

Hope there's an abundance of cheat codes!!!!

Arai1930d ago

The game looks crazy fun, endless possibilities!
It looks really amazing to me for a game that's going to be released on 7 year old systems.

I'm serious with the above said, the trailer made my jaw drop because it was that damn good.

adamandkate1930d ago

im really gutted this wont be on the ps4. Theres no point in me buying a ps3 this late in the day, and my 360 is dead so pointless buying that too!

krisq1930d ago

I concur. But I think next gen version will be available at some point. Maybe at the same time as PC version?

JarqueMcLark1930d ago

I'm most excited about trying all of the vehicles on offer -

Enemy1930d ago

And it was all PS3 footage. >:)

Skips1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )


@People who disagreed with Enemy...

At 2:40 when you're in the body shop... Put full screen in HD...

X to buy, O to go back, R to rotate camera. Or 2:45 in the clothes shop... Same thing.

lol. This is all running on PS3. Day 1 baby!!!

Septic1930d ago

I thought to myself, 'ah they're using PC footage clearly...'

Then I realised...there is no PC version!

It is the PS3 version by the way as the guys above correctly identified.

It really looks incredible. How this will run so smoothly is beyond me. And the MP teaser at the end! Can you imagine the carnage?! We need a share button now!

gatormatt801930d ago

Did anyone else notice at 1:41 that it looks like there will be possibly a fourth playable character available to play in "83 days." I wonder if that will be DLC or something else.

ABizzel11930d ago

I've never been a massive fan of GTA. I could see the appeal in them for people, but the overall quality just wasn't there to me.

GTA5 seems to have addressed all my complaints, and smashed everything I was unsure of about this game. Better driving mechanics, better shooting mechanics (Max Payne-like), more things to do, explorations, better graphics, and much more.

I had GTA pre-order just for a placeholder for my $20 Best Buy holiday Reward Zone games list, but this trailer has finally got me excited about GTA5. This is the perfect example of what should happen when you take your time making a game, rather than releasing a "NEW" version every year. You get amazing quality product.

I pray for single player co-op as it's the final feature that would seal the deal for me, but regardless I'm getting my first Day 1 GTA.

That being said there's some tomfoolery going on in that trailer. There are some noticeable quality drops in some of the scenes such as car models being flawless, then at points there's poor AA on them. Hopefully that means a PC version or next-gen version is possibly in the works. Regardless this is another great game added to the library of the PS3 for 2013, and seems like a swan song for the Xbox 360.

brodychet1930d ago

This, and The Last of Us. Two MAJOR contenders for GOTY.

Hope this game doesn't disappoint.

AngelicIceDiamond1930d ago

Wow this game looks great. I'm surprised they teased the Multiplayer this early. From what I've seen you get to own property, and practically live in the MP. Good god Day for me.

guitarded771930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I want to commit to day 1, but I have a feeling it will be put out for PS4, PC, One, and I'm horrible about finding the will to replay games. But I also want to play it on next-gen if possible. The trailer is awesome though.

NOTE: R* says the footage was captured with the PS3 footage of the game. Looks damn good.

MestreRothN4G1930d ago

^ Also the older previews were played on PS3s as well and were said to be running smoothly at 30 fps.

Hell yeah!

Outside_ofthe_Box1930d ago


DAY ONE for sure.

Rockstar fixed all the complaints anyone has ever had with GTA it looks like. Probably the only things not fulfilled are being able to enter nearly every building and possibly a variety of cheat codes.

WOW! I want this game now, September is too far away for me.

AliTheSnake11930d ago

I wish this was on PS4/X1 1080p with better graphics and performance .

hakis861930d ago

ROCKSTAR HEAR ME - You need to put this amazing looking game on PS4/Xbox One at some point!

This looks like an amazing game, with good graphics - But I would really love the option to play it with higher resolution and fidelity!

Please please please...

Gamer19821930d ago

No doubt there will be a superior PC version eventually like with IV but can you wait that long??

starchild1930d ago

It's truly mindblowing the amount of content this game has. And the graphics look astounding for a game of that size.

badz1491930d ago

leaving such a bad taste in my mouth, I was keeping my expectation VERY VERY LOW! RDR was awesome btw but this is something else! not gonna talk too much as I think my head would explode by the anticipation but...weapon wheels!!

Pintheshadows1930d ago

I just wanted to point out that I think Michael is voiced by the same chap that voiced Packie McCreary in GTA4. Listen to his voice during the loud and dumb version of the jewelery heist.

JackBNimble1930d ago

I have already booked days off (with pay) for sept 17, I even told my bosses why.

A gamers vacation.

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BiggCMan1930d ago

Game looks GLORIOUS!! Amazing, alive city which is what I wanted so badly. AND THAT ONLINE TEASE!! YOU CAN FLY JETS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

CrimsonStar1930d ago

Choo Choo all aboard the hype train . Departure now , Destination GTA5

malokevi1930d ago

Looks fantastic. Can't wait!

Angeljuice1929d ago

Looks amazing, but I won't be buying it, not for PS3 at least. I'M NOT BUYING ANY MORE GAMES ON CURRENT HARDWARE!

Have to wait for PS4 version.

malokevi1929d ago

For me, this gen isn't quite over yet. While I wish I could say the same as you, 5 months is a long time. We've got GTA5 and Splinter Cell Blacklist coming, two of what will likely be the best games of this generation.

Plus I'm not expecting my Xbox360 to break any time soon, so I'm not worried about investing in games.

nrvalleytime1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

This. Prcko, you only rarely write a full sentence, but you and I are speaking the same language here.

Game looks absolutely incredible.

Emilio_Estevez1930d ago

Looks amazing, much better than expected. Glad I'll have something to do with all my $, love the extra activities.

Fergusonxplainsall1930d ago

This game will make the wait for next gen consoles that much easier.

Oh yeah! It's Gordon Bombay up in this joint talking about money..He's back to being a lawyer i guess. District 5 is now owned by aliens.

dark-hollow1930d ago

And that's how ladies and gentlemen, R* set the bar again!


1930d ago
Skips1930d ago


@ 2:40 when you're in the body shop...

X to buy, O to go back, R to rotate camera.

trenso11930d ago

@Anialator press X and the L stick icons show when he is repelling down the building

PhantomTommy1930d ago

But won't those buttons be on the PS4 controller too? I mean my jaw hit the floor! It looks way too good for current gen.

irepbtown1930d ago

Not announced for next gen (yet).

I can't get enough of the night time driving, the cycling, tennis, jets/planes there's too much awesomeness. Then there's a whole new world... online.

Come on September 17.

esemce1930d ago

I think this is PS4 or PC footage with a DS3, looks too good to be current gen.

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ps3_pwns1930d ago

Yep day one ps3 version as this is he ps3 version and its looking sexy. cant wait to own this game!

Jeebus1930d ago

It looks incredible! I especially liked how good the beach shot looked. I'm still kind of in a bit of disbelief, really.

Baylex1930d ago

I'm gonna be hated to comment this... but I can see some things in this game that ressembles Saints Row, like the wheel to choose weapons from, the clothing and the tuning.. in GTA IV they left those things out..

Snookies121930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

You could buy clothes in GTA IV, and you could mod your cars in San Andreas. The weapon wheel has been around much longer than Saints Row though. :]

Baylex1930d ago

@Snookies12 Agree with you.. I know you could buy clothes.. but it's not the same has in SR..
In GTA IV you could mod your cars, but you couldn't tune them, like tuning ;)
And I know the weapon wheel has been in videogames way before SR.. but GTA is getting it because it's very functional in SR.. just saying :) And I think, all of these aspects are way much more developed in SR than in GTA, until now!

I'm not hating GTA, just saying what came to my mind :D

TechnicianTed1930d ago

Max Payne 3 had a weapon wheel too, which was also made by Rockstar.

Baylex1929d ago

Yes but SR uses the weapon wheel since the first game.. and GTA only used in the 5th game.. can you guys understand? Why can't you just agree?? Because it's just the truth.. and I'm right..

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sync901930d ago

By the looks of it, we'll be playing it for sometime. im totally blow away!

showtimefolks1930d ago

i thought i had played the last of us and was my game of the year but damnnnnnnnnnnn

this is a day one no doubt about it, damn RS you delayed the game to actually make it better lol

can't wait, will buy day one and than again when it launches on next gen consoles

Aceman181929d ago

I can't even find the words to describe how amazing this game is turning out to be.

R* it looks like you've outdone yourselves, and showed other devs how a quality open world game should be made.

Hands clapping.

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Wizziokid1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

OK my body is ready for this game. Stop teasing and just give me it!

That multiplayer tease just gave me chills. I'm so ready!

TrevorPhillips1930d ago

Dear God that looks awesome! :O

SpideySpeakz1930d ago

Forget next-gen consoles. This game will hold me for years to come.

ThatCanadianGuy5141930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Looks to be the best GTA yet.Everything i could of asked for and more.

Just wow.

NYC_Gamer1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

R* pushing sandbox in a new direction like always

nrvalleytime1930d ago

What's odd is that after watching the video, you really start to feel like all other attempts have fallen short of the term sandbox. Rockstar just seems to be the first to finally do it right.

Just Cause 2, I still love you.

sync901930d ago

Cant wait to see what they can do on next gen.