Constant Rumors Show 360 Gamers Want Blu-ray

When one goes down another takes its place, how the never-ending rumors show that 360 gamers are demanding Blu-ray.

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Truplaya3849d ago

I've got a 360 and i dont want bluray or HDDVD. The discs are too expensive and i have all the films i like on DVD.

Bleucrunch3849d ago

I dont know why you dont like blu-ray. HD movies are sweet but its too late for the XBOX to have one they shot and missed completely with HD-DVD. BUt you should get yourself a blu-ray player even if it isnt a ps3 per say you should still get one your eyes will thank you.

sonarus3849d ago

but eventually you will end up getting one. If you are cool with just regular dvd then that is fine.

However the same way MGS4 to 360 rumors showed how many 360 owners wanted the game, its the same thing with blu ray to 360. Only this time i don't understand why it is such a big deal. Considering blu ray has significantly separated 360 and ps3 in the eyes of most consumers it was probably a mistake for msoft to skip that hd-dvd drive

Snukadaman3849d ago

theres no need too have the add on yet with blu-ray prices still would make a big mistake to put a blu-ray player in a xbox right now and have the cost go up higher.

BrianC62343849d ago

I don't see why anyone with a 360 would want Blu-ray. It won't help with games. If you want a Blu-ray player for movies just buy a PS3 or standalone Blu-ray player.

gaffyh3849d ago

There is almost no point of a 360 with Blu-Ray built in, this is only a good idea if game devs use the Blu-Ray for games, but they won't and can't because then the 17million 360 owners get shafted.

The only thing that makes remote sense would be to release a Blu-Ray addon, but it still probably won't be that popular, especially now seen as most people who would have bought an addon already bought the HD-DVD one, and probably won't want 2 addons.

okcomputer3849d ago

I wonder where you guys are buying your blu-ray/hd-dvds.. they're not really that expensive.

Check amazon. most new blu ray movies are within the $17-$25 range, which is just $2-$5 more than an average new dvd, if that. Why anyone would spend all that money on an hd tv and worry about a few extra dollars per blu ray disc is beyond me. And if you're that concerned about price, just get netflix, which is dirt cheap and has just about every blu ray out.

brothersimon3849d ago


i dont want it or need it
what i want is GAMES! :D

yesah3849d ago

well, with a blu ray player built in, the maximum disc size for a game is about 200 gigs, because every ps3 game is on a blu ray disc. And the biggest blu ray discs are like 200 gigs.

DRUDOG3849d ago

Truplaya, you can't be a true player if you don't have HD content for your HD tv. What are the ladies going to think if you're still watching those silly 480p DVDs on your big HD set? Do yourself, your eyes and all those truplaya girls a favor and Go Blu! :P

otherZinc3849d ago

I dont need that Blu-ray Sh*!!

I want to play games, [email protected]{[ a movie!

Meno3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Odd. I have a rather large collection of blu-rays now and probably spent less buying them than I would have purchasing dvds.


New technology gets buy-1-get-1 deals at all the time.

Utalkin2me3848d ago

I also agree i dont want blu ray either. Best movie out in months is alvin and the chipmunks wtf is that.

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Erasmus3849d ago

I wonder how frustrated MS is getting at the presistence of these rumors.

ThaGeNeCySt3849d ago

about as frustrated as Konami is getting with the MGS4 to xbox360 rumors

Sev3849d ago

Oh so you mean not frustrated at all?

Kojima Productions knew it wasnt going to the Xbox 360 so why would it upset them. If anything it made them happy, and they could hear the cha-chings with each rumor.

All those rumors did was build hype. It made every Xbox 360 fan who didnt give a damn about MGS4, just a little bit interested. Then all they need to do is take a look at the screens of the game, and its hard not to want to play it.
Any 360 owner who clicked on the rumor, blogged about the rumors, posted about the rumor, commented about the rumor, are ALL potential buyers of the game now.

So that was a very bad example.

If anything MS would be pissed at all these rumors, because it shows that they released the 360 a little to early, and missed the boat on HD media.
Missing the boat on HD media gave MS an advantage though also, by having the first console out, it had the biggest install base.
So ya win some ya lose some.

shelbygt333848d ago

They've always said from day 1 that a BR peripheral add-on was a possibility. They know that HD-DVD is dead in the water. If they feel as though they can't win with digital distribution via Xbox Live, or that coupling that method with a BR player makes solid business sense for them, then they'll make one. Until then, I'm sure they have other things to worry about.

Erasmus3849d ago

I definitely feel sorry for those guys. The rumor mill is in love with them.

kevlar3849d ago

Well I think they definately need to join the bluray bandwagon, and quick. Every ps3 sold to someone who wants a bluray player is a 360 unsold. I am a 360 fanboy and also own a ps3 although it doesn't get used much, but I am confident the ps3 is going to steam roller the 360 this year. At the moment the 360 leads in total sales by 7 or 8 million but that difference will probably halve this year now the ps3 looks a lot more attractive because of the bluray win and the far more impressive exclusive lineup the ps3 has.

Meno3849d ago

This is a comment that I've made to multiple people. Why wouldn't Microsoft opt in to an optional blu-ray player when it would allow their customers a choice that isn't "pick up a competitors product." It would have the same ability to update via the internet which would make profile 2.0 readily available and would be a very attractive buy for 360 owners who want a High Def player.

I'm happy with my ps3 and I appreciate the hardware sales Microsoft are essentially giving my console of choice, but I don't understand it.

toughNAME3849d ago


I always want choice!

crunchie1013849d ago

If it's as noisy as the HD-DVD addon, I'm not sure that'd be such a good idea.

spandexxking3849d ago

what harm could an add-on do? seriously if they made an add-on they would make a killing

Covenant3849d ago

Loud HD player? Mine's whisper-quiet, and so are the ones my friends have...possibly you have a defective one? Just a thought.

The Wood3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

most of them would prefer to buy a standalone and more expensive bluray player than buy a ps3. Arrrr diehard logic, unless of course MS do provide an add on then I could understand them not wanting to get a ps3. What HD format will 360 owners be watching in a years time? that's the question. I think their hoping DD can fill that void judging by some of the comments I've read since the death of HDDVD *bows head, spills some liquor* How much would MS charge is the key factor as anything remotely near the price of a ps3, when/if the add on is released, then MS could kiss many potential consumers 'goodbye'.