TRiG ep 12 - Tearing Down Xbone's Cloud

Dan does a tech­ni­cal and logis­ti­cal tear­down of the pos­si­ble implementations of Microsoft’s cloud for the Xbox One.

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MWong1928d ago

This is an awesome vid and explanation of "cloud computing." The vid puts "cloud computing," lamens terms and I think gamers really needed this. He almost sounded like Mark Cerny, with his explination.

babadivad1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I feel dumber having watched this. What a fanboy douche!

n4rc1928d ago

People need to stop getting their "facts" from random idiot bloggers..

But let's all call it fact.. Some douche puts something online and suddenly they're experts when they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground..

MWong1928d ago

@ babadivad & n4rc

Can you guys please explain how cloud computing works then? Since it's a fanboy blogger explaining things that others have said in a lot of techno jargon. I am just saying the guy gives a good explanation of what cloud computing is.

Nobody is saying the cloud isn't real. What I am still failing to see is how cloud computing is going to help gaming as it stands right now. In order to take advantage of the cloud wouldn't gamers have to be connected to the internet? And with this wouldn't gamers have to have a super high bandwidth, which most companies do not support/have the infrastructure currently to support?

n4rc1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Yes.. You obviously need the internet to utilize it..

You can freely read up on how games such as forza and sunset overdrive plan on using it so far..

The fact is.. Most games announced won't use it.. Its a new option for developers.. The applications are varied and diverse.. Its just a matter of how Devs choose to use it..

Bandwidth isn't a issue.. To put it simply.. Its doing all the math and sending the results rather then have your console burn its own resources..

Anyone know how demos or kill cams work? They are small files that contain coordinates and instructions to be used with a local engine on your machine.. Its not like they need to contain textures or audio, that's all on your end already..

But they have already stated its not required to be connected to the net to play games.. Unless they are sold as online only.. In other games, it will provide complementary features

MWong1927d ago

Then here is my thing if not all developers are going to use it. Then why approach M$'s announcement of cloud computing like we were about to see the coming of the next messiah.

And bandwidth will always be an issue if my ISP doesn't have the ability to ping the M$ database fast enough the computations are going to be horrible. The cloud was announced like it was going to compensate for the lack of power of the console. When not all gamers on the platform will not be able to take advantage of it. If developers will use it they have to take in account that all consumers wont be able to use this. Don't you think?

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rbluetank1928d ago

this was a very good video. you broke down the BS of the cloud in the most simplest form. the dev who push this cloud BS are also blinding gamer. I am glad someone called it as it is....

n4rc1928d ago

You mean called it as you wanted to see it?

Hate to break it to you, but the cloud is very real.. Tech leaders tend to not spend billions of dollars on things that don't work..

But nope.. This random moron Says its bs.. So it must be! Let's all ignore the respected developers telling you it works and its awesome..

Pretty sad..

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