Eurogamer - Preview:Mashing to mastery: is it worth participating in Xbox One exclusive Ryse?

EG:It's just as easy to bash Ryse, Crytek's hyper-real, ultra-violent Roman Empire brawler, as it is to shield bash one of its barbarian enemies with a press of the Y button.

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s8anicslayer1927d ago

"But for all Ryse's bells and whistles, the experience of playing it washes over you rather than seeps into your skin. What you're left with is a flashy but basic brawler that benefits from a twist of strategy and a dash of skill. The fuss over the quick time events is a red herring, I reckon. Ryse's combat gets better the more you play along. I just don't think I can be bothered to participate." wow..I wasn't hoping for too much from this game as I'm putting all my focus on Titanfall but too bad it's not out until spring.

MizTv1927d ago

From what I saw I was not impressed

Roccetarius1927d ago

I wasn't impressed either. Whatever the devs are saying, it's just a glorified QTE experience.

mewhy321927d ago

Not impressed at all and if we go on past experiences with crytek, this game will be riddled with bugs.

Cmk01211927d ago

qte isnt a bad thing, every single combat sequence having button prompts is awful and kills pacing which exactly the opposite of what they are claiming it does, they claim its a flow. its like god of war and batman had a red headed step child and name it ryse...more bad press for MS...GEEZ i just wont to be excited about the xbox one!

rdgneoz31927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

The one thing I keep on remembering back to is an article from E3...

"I ask one of the Crytek people hovering at the booth – is this a bug? Why am I completing kills when I hit the wrong button prompt? Or, worse, no button at all. Turns out it was a deliberate design choice.

“We don’t want the player to feel frustrated,” I am told."

devwan1927d ago

It started as a kinect game, it's not surprising the gameplay is limited and shallow.

Maybe the best plan would have been to continue that game and make a completely different one using the same themes, world and assets but an entirely different approach to combat and story.

As it is, Ryse seems to have less depth than something like Frobisher Says...

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