Witcher 3 Combat Details Revealed

Clickonline writes "We recently rapped all things Witcher 3 with Wild Hunt’s Lead Gameplay designer, Maciej Szcześnik. And when questioned about the platinum blonde whirlwind of awesome that is Geralt of Rivia, CD Projekt RED had this to say about the improved mechanics... "

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RememberThe3571930d ago

Oh man... I've never even played this series before and I'm fanboying out to this game.

BiggCMan1930d ago

You'd be doing a great disservice to yourself if you never at least play Witcher 2.

True_Samurai1930d ago

Just got it on xbl couple days ago for $10

RememberThe3571930d ago

Well if it's on xbl for a dime I'm gonna have to cop it. When it came out my 360 was toast so I completely missed it. Even if it's not still discounted that deep I'm gonna give it a go. Thanks for the heads up fellas.

ma1asiah1930d ago

Playing Witcher 2 now on the X360 after picking it up for $9.00 from the XBL ultimate sale. Man this game rocks so can't wait for Witcher 3 on the X1

Blackdeath_6631930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

if you want you can get it on PC of GOG look out for it at the summer sale the reason i say this is because there has been a fan made (non-official but approved by the devs) MOD by Andrzej Kwiatkowski a gameplay Designer on The Witcher 3 which improves the combat and even includes new animations that might make the game just that much better than it already is

CrimsonStar1929d ago

Same here im really pumped for this game . It will be my first witcher game as well.

ded10201930d ago

As I am among the few who liked 1 better, this game is looking so good. I wish the combat was more like 1 though, and him mentioning 'light' and 'strong' attacks like 2 is disappointing. I don't need Geralt to move like Batman. Switching between the two gave a lot more control and varied enemies. Witcher 2's combat was basically dodge + A = profit.

adamandkate1929d ago

i cant begin to express how much i want this game