New Infinite Undiscovery Details Revealed

rpgfan writes:

"New information regarding Square Enix's Xbox 360 title Infinite Undiscovery has surfaced in Japan. In the world of this tri-Ace-developed title, the people rely heavily on the power of the moon. In fact, they have managed to transform the moon's power into their own power. The use of magic is no exception to this rule. All inhabitants of Infinite Undiscovery's world carry so-called Moon Marks. These marks are endowed upon people as a blessing at the time of their birth. Thanks to those birthmarks, people have been able to develop a variety of abilities. Depending on the waxing and waning of the moon during the time of one's birth, the powers residing within people do differ, though.

As previously reported, the game's protagonist is named Kapel. He is a very nice guy. If there are people in need, he will help them, despite saying "it's impossible". The game's heroine, Aya on the other hand is a straight shooter, who refers to Kapel as Bakapel ("baka" meaning idiot in Japanese). Siegmund is a hero, willing to do whatever it takes, to accomplish his aims, even if it means getting hurt in the process.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that a party will consist of up to four active party members. "

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t-0_ot-4241d ago

Gosh, the PS3 is falling behind with RPGs..

ruibing4241d ago

Sadly I have to agree. Tri-Ace is a very solid developer on-par with Level 5.

I hope you 360 owners actually make an effort to buy this game. With an user base of over 17 million, I would hope at least one of these JRPGs can sell more than a million.

t-0_ot-4241d ago

TTSUP3R - haha, that coming from you makes me feel good. Coming from you calling me an idiot, I must be doing good, since your farrrrrr lower than an idiot..

power of Green 4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Agreed!, its called being Handi-capped

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LaChance4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

youre jealous

InMyOpinion4241d ago

You play as Kapel who's a nice guy that loves to help people in need. Aya is the crazy chick with devil-may-care attitude that eventually, after teasing Kapel, falls in love with him. Then there is Siegmund, a brave hero(avenging his murdered father?) who fights for justice. Wow! I can't wait to replay every JRPG ever made...zzzZZZzzz...

Is it the same guy who writes all these manuscripts? I mean wtf...

Vicophine4241d ago

which is precisely why all those games are so popular and loved in the east and west.

PS360WII4241d ago

well sure you get to save the world but what game doesn't do that? Even first person shooters have the same plot line as do most adventure games.

I like the use of magic and it's a nice tie in with the moon. They must be pagans.

power of Green 4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Sony fanboys just can't give the 360 a break, the month of April has been off the hook with the anti MSFT/360 fud, PS3 fanboy contributors are fighting for money while posting the standard anti 360 fud and not even one 360 thread can be posted without PS3 fanboys trolling not even one 360 thread can be posted here without the seal of approval from PS3 fanboys. lol

EDIT: See what I mean I have as many dissagrees in a 360 thread as I do agrees due to the fact there is more PS3 fanboys in here than 360 fans.

360 fans ignor PS3 news when its worthy of ridacule yet PS3 fans will troll 360 news. lol

Shadow Man4241d ago

Sony Fanboys are out of control! They have FFXIII and they r here trolling xbox jrpgs. And if you talk back they will bring the RROD ATTACK.

power of Green 4241d ago

Sony hides their issues I remember reading that Sony sent a whole batch of PS3's that had disc loader deaths in PS3's somewhere in South Eastern Asia.


360 fans just don't care about PS3 as PS3 fanboys care about 360, Sony/PS3 can get away with murder and 360 fans will mostly ignor it.

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