Wii U Console + Wii U Starter Pack + Nintendo Land – Only £199 at GAME

UK retailer GAME have recently released a fantastic offer on the 8GB White Wii U Basic for only £199. The offer includes the console itself, the official Wii U Starter Pack and Nintendo Land.

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Cam9771979d ago

The WII U can't be in a good position if it's already going for this cheap.

pompombrum1979d ago

Especially on GAME too.. they actually have a deal which is a better price than Amazon for once.

buynit1979d ago

The wiiu isn't nearly as expensive to make as the other 2, so why Not?

But i agree on wiiu being in trouble.. I think they got lazy and stuck with the wii for too long the wiiu should have released a long time ago.

grassyknoll1979d ago

It's been £150 from other retailers (with Nintendo Land, that can be obtained cheaply elsewhere). I imagine that's gonna be it's normal price by Xmas.

caseh1979d ago

GAME are reducing stock at a reduced loss in time for an inevitable price cut methinks.

I'd be surprised if the price cuts don't fully come into play by mid October/early November. But yah, £150 would be a blinding price in comparison to the PS4/Xbox180

stage881979d ago

Still too expensive. Should be £99.

mcstorm1979d ago

This could work out really well come the end of this year for Nintendo as they will have some of there big name games and if they make a price drop not long before Sony and Microsoft release there new consoles then it could see a boots in sales and also change some peoples minds on getting a Wiiu over a one and PS4.

I got the WiiU on day one and I was happy to pay the full price like I did for the 3DS, PSV and will be doing for the One but I see why people wait for a price drop.