Pikmin 3 gets first score in Famitsu

There's only one review score in this week's Famitsu, but it's a doozy.

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GiggMan1930d ago

Typical Nintendo franchise quality.

WeAreLegion1930d ago

It's easy to succeed when you do the same thing over and over.

I want to see Nintendo take some real risks with titles. Give us new experiences. Give us memorable characters. Give us new gameplay mechanics.

SpiralTear1930d ago

Not true. Look at Activision. With Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, they've killed two enormous franchises by doing the same thing over and over. At this rate, Call of Duty is on its way out too.

Nintendo needs to freshen up many of their franchises and try some new ideas, that's perfectly clear, but Nintendo isn't saturating the market with Pikmin.

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despair1930d ago

I agree somewhat with you WeAreLegion (see my comment history and you'll see my disgust with Nintendo rehashes) but not with Pikmin, this series might have been around for a few years but its not really old, if you get what I'm saying. This is a great score for one of the only Wii U games I am truly envious about not having.

bobacdigital1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

The Wii and Wii u weren't risky? Wii sports, fit, and Nintendoland weren't risky new experiences?

Don't make it sound like it is super easy to come up with and sustain the amount of quality Nintendo has been successful with since 1986. If it wasn't for Nintendo taking risks on certain technologies and gameplay mechanics no one else would pushing the bar.

_QQ_1930d ago

Third pikmin game in over 10 years... same thing over and over again?

mcstorm1929d ago

@WeAreLegion im sorry but what you have said is not true. Nintendo have a massive back catalog of IP's and more than Sony and Microsoft put together so they don't need to add lots of new ip's each gen. What Nintnedo do is clever they give us one version of there big names like super smash bros and Mario kart each gen and then bring some of the old IP's back and miss some out like Star Fox, F-Zero ect. Also every time Nintendo make a new game of there older IP's it still feels fresh.

Now if you want to talk about games that need redoing look at COD, Battlefield/MoH, Fifa, NHL and more that give us a new game every year and are based on the same ways of playing.

PopRocks3591929d ago

"It's easy to succeed when you do the same thing over and over."

...There hasn't been a new Pikmin game in almost a decade. Are you kidding me? Mario I understand, Zelda I sort of understand, but now Pikmin is just the same thing over and over? It's only the third game in the series and it introduces new elements to it.

What the hell does that make Killzone on PS4 or Halo 5 exactly?

vakarian751929d ago

Uncharted already has its 3rd game on the ps3 and a game on the vita Pikmin hasn't had a new game since the Gamecube and this coming out is a problem.

thezeldadoth1929d ago

this is the 3rd game in 13 years, you're claiming that this is a tired franchise? But its cool when your sony exclusives come out with 5 titles in 5 years

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mamotte1929d ago

Because Nintendo is famous for doing strategy games all the time.

Oh, wait.

Jagsrock1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

1st pikmin game since 2004 with the first one made in 2001. It's in an entirely different genre then their other first party titles and it does add new gameplay mechanics,does give new experiences and is giving us new lead characters, pikmin and enemies, OH and don't forget it's the first HD iteration. Also I guess nobody told EA about it being easy since they can't seem to get madden right yet despite 25 having tries.

WeAreLegion1929d ago

I know it's only the third game and we haven't had one in a LONG time, but they haven't done much with it. You'd think in the course of eleven years, they'd figure out some sort of way to bring this franchise into a new generation.

And to everyone saying Nintendo does risky things, they don't. The Wii was a necessary risk. They were hinging on obscurity and needed to risk it all on casual gamers. Obviously, it payed off. The Wii U was not a risk. It was the next step for those casual gamers. They thought it would be easy money. They just didn't count on casual gamers being so fickle.

IMightBeRetarded1929d ago

You are really going to bash the last of us? The gameplay and story are nothing like uncharted except for the fact that you have a gun. Battle royal was a pretty flat out copycat as far as theme goes I will definitely agree to that, but they did make the game play differently. But Smash Bros wasn't the first party brawler to be created you know.

WeAreLegion1929d ago

And yes, it's fine when we see Killzone 1, 2, 3 or Uncharted 1, 2, 3. It's not like they give us the same story in every single game with slightly updated controls. We get a completely different experience with each release.

The same goes for any great title for any great system. Pikmin is fun, but they can't just slap a new number on it and expect me to buy it. They need to change things, drastically.

Look at Lego City: Undercover or ZombiU for great Wii U titles. These are original, inventive games with tons of replay value.

So, don't act like I hate Nintendo. I love Nintendo. They've just got their priorities mixed up right now.

N4g_null1929d ago

So they play the same huh? You also know the story too huh?

BullyMangler1929d ago

you: It's easy to succeed when you do the same thing over and over.

I want to see Nintendo take some real risks with titles. Give us new experiences. Give us memorable characters. Give us new gameplay mechanics.

me: always remember this . your comment uptop, only makes you sound upset and CONFUSED rather proving your point because you fail to bring proof to your comments and exampLes just chatter of the knees you < (: fact

Muffins12231929d ago

I loved elebits from wii...tobad they did not make a sequel

jcnba281929d ago

The last Pikmin game came out in 2004. Try again troll.

ritsuka6661929d ago

[email protected]

Dude. Seriously, just stop. You're embarrassing yourself... /=

Y_51501929d ago

So Kirby's Epic Yarn wasn't a risk? Kid Icarus wasn't a risk. Really open your mind man!

IMightBeRetarded1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Don't say anything neutral, or that doesn't support nintendo over here. They just downvote the sh*t out of you. This closed mindedness is why I can't stand much of the gaming community. We can't just have a civil discussion without letting our pride in our console choice getting in the way.

Anyone who disagreed on my previous comment care to explain why they disagreed?

live2play1929d ago

you are so cute
I just wanna squish those cheeks

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SonyPS41929d ago

This is only the third game of the series. Most major franchises have way more than that with all the prequels and spinoffs. What's the problem?

IMightBeRetarded1929d ago

I didn't mean to upset anyone with my original comment, but I'm still going to have to disagree with you on the last of us. Have you played it? The camera is similar, yes, but they're both 3rd person games so I wouldn't expect it to be different. In the last of us, gameplay is slow, tense, and methodic stealth in which you scavenge for resources and attempt to take out enemies using as little amunition as possible compared to uncharted in which you can run around guns blazing. The last of us has no cover system like uncharted, just crouching to sneak around which uncharted didn't have.

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ritsuka6661930d ago

My most anticipated game of the year 2013, no question here.

starfox791929d ago

I'm buying it because its like lemmings but pikimins with amazing 3D enviroments based in gardens wow and the strategy looks really cool,love the local MP.

Primal Rex1930d ago

I expected it to be a quality title given how long its been in development but is it going to sell well enough !!!

OmniSlashPT1930d ago

Who cares about Famitsu's scores anyway?

despair1930d ago

Me and about a million others (rough estimate, did a head count), plus pretty much entire of Japan gaming community I'm guessing as well.

Craigatorian1929d ago

Their score is pretty much what the rest of reviewers will give

despair1929d ago


Can you quote more than one game that wasn't released so many years ago? People love to quote the exception and call it the rule. What about the hundreds of other reviews that game games a rightful score from famitsu.

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Canary1929d ago ShowReplies(2)
starfox791930d ago

Wow the split screen MP looks king....

TheEvilWithin1930d ago

Super excited for this. I haven't played Pikmin since the gamecube and really looking foreword to this. I should see how much Pikmin 1 and 2 are going for and pick them up for my Wii U.

Summons751930d ago

I think Pikmin 1&2 are twenty bucks each new. Not positive but I think that's the price I saw last time I looked at them in a store. Probably go on ebay or amazon and find them cheaper too.

Can't wait for this game, glad reception is good despite the seemingly vast amount of wii u hate. Oh well haters will loose out on a great experience.

TheEvilWithin1929d ago

Very true! My next gen setup is PS4/Wii U. Don't need anything more then that. Can't wait to pick up the disc copy of New Super Luigi U next then its Wonderful 101!!!

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