Is Lawsuit Looming Over God of War Shooting?

In Marble Falls, Texas last month, a 13-year-old boy shot a 15-year-old boy while they were playing the M-rated God of War. Troy is recovering from his wounds, but apparently has lost much of his eyesight. Although some gaming sites reported the news at the time, GamePolitics opted not to cover the story as the linkage to God of War seemed peripheral. Last evening, however, they received one of Miami attorney Jack Thompson's numerous e-mails.

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SPARTAAN4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

wtf GOW doesnt even have guns and in most of the cases the parents themselves get the games for their kids do they cant even blame the retailers for it

they were playing GOW when the incident occured does that me if im watching tv when someone shoots me then it the tvs fault

VirusE4484d ago

Spartaan I was thinking the same thing. If the kid killed another kid with a blade on a chain while running around half naked in red face paint i could understand but god of war doesnt even have guns!?!?!?

Bleucrunch4484d ago

Great point Spartaan! I dont think they realize GOW is a greek mythological game and therefore cannot have any guns. But yet and still they will try to blam the game for that idiots random act of violence. Maybe we should shoot someone while we are watching C-SPAN....hahahahahahaaaa NOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Spinner4484d ago

Not to mention 12 and 15 year old kids AREN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING GOD OF WAR!

Guess the giant "M/17+" sign on the cover went over their parent's heads.

They have no case...

yesah4484d ago

....sue the parents, not some random video game company.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4484d ago

Where the hell did they even get a hold of a gun?

aftrdark214484d ago

13 yr old and a 15 yr old playing God Of War anyway...

[email protected]'s an M rated game.

Genesis54484d ago

Only in America. Two kids are running around with a gun and a video game(one that has nothing to do with guns). One gets shot. So you sue the maker of the video game?

I think I would be a little more concerned with where they got the gun.

VirusE4484d ago

3FIXME that is seriously a good point! Good eye.

devilhunterx4484d ago

how dare you use logic around here???!! take it back!

Kakkoii4483d ago

Another reason why USA needs to make better Gun laws like other countries have.

The Gun laws in USA are so lenient that almost every damn family has a gun stored in a closet or drawer. It's way to easy for a kid to get a hold of a gun in USA.

Elvfam5114483d ago

wtf a kid is playing this if they can't control themselves and wtf a gun how the F**k they got a gun at that age that's super bad parenting why sue GoW it's not there fault it's the parents fault man stop blaming games for actions like this people with minds can control there actions well thats it.....

IntelligentAj4483d ago

It's times like these when I really dislike the laws in the my country. These parents are blatantly responsible but they're gonna sue? Be serious.

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Hellsvacancy4484d ago

u sure it wasnt Gears Of War DUMBASS, N4G doesnt need posts like this, i get well fu<ked off when i read about silly sh!t like this, the knife/gun crime in the uk is bein blamed on video games, oh well ive just finished playin spyro the dragon, im gonna go burn things

TruthBTold4484d ago

I just played Super Smash Bros Brawl on Wii so I think I'm gonna go jump on peoples heads and throw them around.

gamesR4fun4484d ago

spewing his usual bs it might be news...

chester4484d ago

i love how people blame the game and not the gun......or the kid that used it, or the parents that let it be in his hands.

Fux4Bux4484d ago

Haha blaming a game that doesn't even have guns. How stupid can this crap get.

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