New research: violent videogames have no effect on social behaviour

The results of an Australian study have shown that gamers were right all along: violent videogames don't have any effect on social behaviour.

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DesVader1927d ago

Very interesting - nice positive research for the gaming industry. Go Australia :D - now maybe they will be a bit less anal when it comes to banning games.

plut0nash1927d ago

This is what should've been said years ago. Thanks to people like Jack Thompson it's been slow in coming :)

Choc_Salties1927d ago

Jack Tompson cuased alot of harm for the industry, thank goodness, he is no longer allowed to practice law, the sod

HanCilliers1927d ago

Well now...what a surprise :P Good read. Funny it came from Australia. Maybe now people will look to where the real cause for anti-social behavior starts, at home.